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images America Ferrera America america ferrera ugly betty. June 2, 2008. Moral compass .
  • June 2, 2008. Moral compass .

  • wait4ever
    11-12 12:01 PM
    Hi California members,

    There is an IV action item to fight recent practice of USCIS in denying I485 applications in some AC21 cases. For more info, please visit:

    It�s a serious issue which can affect many of us, please act now and send letters (letter formats and everything else is ready in the thread quoted above). It will only take a few minutes of your time.

    State chapter leader,
    Please try to bring attention of your state members to this IV core approved effort.

    Thank you.

    CAn you tell me the logic of posting multiple threads with this subject - wont just bumping the thread give you the same effect - this is really irritating

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  • looivy
    05-15 01:07 PM
    I am looking for a cheap lawyer in Chicago area who will be willing to do basic paperwork for Canada immigration. Please suggest.

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  • America Ferrera The 39th NAACP

  • Dhundhun
    07-09 04:52 PM
    Dear fellow IV members,

    I was just referring to my first application for EAD filed by my lawyer (july filer)

    For Q#12 - Date of last entry into the US - my lawyer had entered (05/10/2007) - the H1-B approval date in date of last entry in to US - is this because of the new I-94 attached to H1-B approval notice?

    But the I-94 in the passport shows my actual physical entry into US after my last visit outside the country - 08/10/2006.

    I have not traveled outside the country after renewing my H1-B.

    Which date did you guys put - the actual date of physical entry or the I-94 start date after renewal of H1-B?

    Thank you!!!

    Actual date of last physical entry.

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  • raj2007
    04-02 09:22 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    Here is my situation. Have H1B expiring on June 2008. Planning to Renew. I-140 approved last Month. I485 applied and pending for more than 180 days. Have EAD, AP.

    Now - I am planning to switch to another job for Title , Hike. Not happy with the current company.

    I have the following question :

    1) If I switch,what will happen to my I-485 / I-140. do I need to reapply ? . do I lost my priority date.
    2) If I go to India, what will happen to My 485/140. Can I change AOS to consular processing.

    Please advise.

    1. Use Ac21
    2. Are you going to India for a visit or long time? you need to come before ur AP expires and get a new one(If H1 is not valid)
    Otherwise you can take a vacation on H1.
    For Cp you have to withdraw your 485 application and refile your application.


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  • panky72
    06-24 03:23 AM
    Hello everyone,
    I have a question which I hope someone can help answer.I have applied in EB2 category and am from India.My PD is July 2005. I have used AC21 recently and changed my employer(i.e I am no longer with my sponsoring employer) I have not notified USCIS of the same.

    I plan to travel to India during September 2008 and use AP to reenter back into the US. Can someone help answer the below doubts.

    1) Since at the port of entry the Immigration Officer will ask whether I am still with the same employer or not- I will have to say I have moved to another company- What happens then?

    2)Does using the AP and subsequent answer of "Yes- I have changed my company" trigger a RFE during the GC allocation process since now I have to prove to USCIS that my job is "same or similar" and my pay is >= the pay mentioned in my LC.

    3) Has anyone successfully used AP after using AC21 and not had an RFE issued during GC allotment?

    Thanks in advance

    You can find some of the answers here.

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  • Since1997
    09-28 04:09 PM D


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  • vin13
    01-30 10:35 AM
    There is not anything like withdrawing AC 21. It was to show that you worked in a different company with similar job description.

    The question is, did you send a letter to say you are changing jobs using AC 21?

    If you did not send the letter, then you really do not need to do anything. Just join your original sponsor. If there is an RFE, you can always prove that you worked in a similar job category.

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  • jbr
    03-02 04:19 PM
    I think it is very worthwhile sending a petition to all judiciary committee members. It is perfect time to do so.


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  • rsrikant
    10-22 10:01 AM
    i got receipt date as oct 11th on transfer notice.
    is it the receipt date of my 485? or will there be a different date on the actual receipt??

    my application reached on aug 3rd at texas.

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  • hmehta
    09-30 01:49 PM
    Yes, has to be valid for atleast 6 months. If it has already expired, I believe you should get a new one before travelling.

    Is there any problem if your passport is expired while on H1 visa?

    Do we need to get the passport renewed before it is expiring?


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  • roshnichowdhry
    10-05 06:53 PM
    Thanks a lot! That was really helpful!


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-11 06:08 PM
    Bump ^^^^^


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  • gc_lover
    06-22 12:30 PM
    should this be in color or B/W ?

    B/W would do it.

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  • immigration1234
    08-26 11:18 AM

    We have applied for I -485 last month.I am the primary applicant and my spouse is add on.Bothe of us are on H1B and it is valid till end of 2008.
    I have applied for EAD and advance parole for my spouse only.We have not yet received the receipt numbers .I was wondering if we want to travel outside the country do we need to wait untill we get any of the above or if we have a valid H1B can we travel outside the country.

    Thank you very much for your help.


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  • sri_06
    03-16 06:20 PM

    I just found out that my employer did not update the work location on my LCA. I have been working in new jersey for over 4 years now. I have my primary address as Indiana and my company is registered in Illinois. I got payroll on Illinois for 2 years and now NJ for 1 year.

    How can i correct this? Is it too bad a problem already?

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  • sanan
    08-02 01:42 PM
    Sure can! See the tracker. There is at least one person who filed in Texas and has his/her EAD approval date before the Finger Printing date

    I also had got my EAD way before my 1st FP - but that was in 2005
    Did anyone get I485 based EAD before the first FP? Thank you!


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  • akgind
    09-25 12:30 PM
    For more info, go to Murhty link below, and scroll to the appropriate question.

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  • sparky_jones
    06-02 05:09 PM
    The attorney says he's regularly used the "Yes" response in such situations, and has successfully argued that the requirements are normal in past audits. Of course, he wouldn't comment on how much this contributes in triggering an audit. My goal is to avoid targeted audit altogether. His (and the company's) goal is to see the PERM through successfully, even in the face of an audit. Obviously, a slight difference in goals.

    The requirements in fact are normal for this company, and in the field in general. I have no doubt that this can be successfully argued. The problem is with the face-value of the BS+7 requirement against the objective O*Net criteria, and the fact that the only way to make an argument is through a business necessity audit.

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  • chintainfogc
    10-28 04:49 PM
    We (me and my wife) have received RFEs to submit G-325A forms on 9/24/09 and our lawyer submitted the requested documents last week on 10/20/09, on the next day USCIS online status changed to "We have received RFEs documents and this case processing has resumed........" on very next day 10/22/09 online status changed to "RFEs sent......."

    Now we (me and my wife) and our lawyer received same RFEs again thoguh our lawyer submitted requested documents.

    Please share your thoughts on how should i go from here...should i submit documents again?? or should i take an info pass and try to find out whats gaing on with our cases?

    Thanks in advance

    11-06 07:09 PM
    Hi WandMaker,

    I am currently on 9th year H1-B and my H1-B expires May 2008. I filed my I-140/I-485 in August and have received the receipt notices. My EAD got approved too.

    Can I file for a 1 year H1-B extension based on a pending I-140 even though the I-140 is pending for less than 365 days ?

    02-19 06:10 PM

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