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  • sbmallik
    05-27 12:09 PM
    Aha I see ... yes she can stay in the US beyond the I-94 date as long as the extension application is pending. From the postings i can recollect that in case of a denial the unlawful presence starts from the decision date.

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  • golgappa
    08-19 02:00 PM
    Thanks for your reply I am really not in a position to wait, and I have a EAD as last resort..

    BUT can I join on the same date...

    Can you please share your views on that front...

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  • sundarpn
    07-22 04:20 PM
    My attorney has asked for the I-485 to be printed:

    double sided with Flip to Top option.

    Did anyone else do the same?

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  • JunRN
    09-28 01:28 PM
    I agree. For example, in Germany, it is hard to work if you do not speak German. Also in France and all others.

    And even in Scotland, they speak different English there and you need to be there for many months before you get used to it.


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  • waitin_toolong
    07-18 07:25 PM
    you are correct .

    You can file AOS for her mention both her current H4 status and also inxclude a copy of H1 notice just in case

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  • sri1309
    10-22 07:12 AM

    I am also very proud on the news., but lets stick to immigration issues on this site. With all respect to this, please dont post any more on this news. Just imagine if others also post other irrelevant issues here. The admins will be forced to look at threads more frequently to delete such. Do we really want to give them this trouble.. Pls..


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  • guyfromsg
    04-29 11:50 AM
    My LC (non-RIR) is stuck in BPC since Feb'05 which is also my PD. After lot of convincing up to my VP level they finally at least agreed to have a healthy discussion with lawyer to see the pros and cons of converting the application to PERM while retaining PD.

    My understanding is, there is no conversion. The old application from BPC has to be with drawn and re-filed under PERM. I meet other requirements to keep the PD like same job title etc..

    Question is, H1 expires in Feb'07 and will apply for extension in Aug'06. Should I wait till Aug to have H1 extended using premium processing and then convert to PERM. Is there a risk of re-filing under PERM prior to H1 extension. PERM takes few months for the company to prepare, can they kick start the process now without withdrawing the LC?

    thank you.

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  • sameer2730
    02-05 05:45 PM
    My parents are going back to India in April'10 just before completion of their 6 months. But they want to come back again after 3 weeks. They have got their visa for 1 year. So they can stay another 4 months on their 2nd trip from May'10 to Aug'10.

    Is it going to be a problem during their next visa stamping or immigration at airport as they will end up staying 10 months in US out of their 1 year approved visa ?

    Please advise.
    It can get difficult at the POE. My parents in laws returned in 4.5 months and got questioned a lot. They will not deport them but they could give them at 15 day I-94 in which case the trip will cost you/them a bomb.


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  • gc28262
    02-28 04:19 PM
    Why take risk ? File an LCA.
    Anyway LCA is tied to work location, so you probably will have to file an LCA. --My guess

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  • needhelp!
    11-12 06:29 PM
    All, please do this. Lets stop this trend before it comes and bites all of us.


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  • rickys_in
    10-04 03:16 PM
    Is there any problem if your passport is expired while on H1 visa?

    Do we need to get the passport renewed before it is expiring?

    Just get it renewed while you are in US.
    Its a one day affair to get your passport renewed(in person). You submit all your docs in the morning and pick it up in the evening.

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  • jelo
    02-10 10:31 AM
    Just could have been a clerical error. Even this is my guess. Because I am running out of reasons for triggering that question.
    Thanks alot for responding


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  • supers789
    09-15 03:04 PM
    In that case may be for CP 22 Feb 2002 will be considered as cut off date & for AOS USCIS bulletin date will be considered. --

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-30 01:38 PM
    she can do it safely without affecting either of you.


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  • Suva
    07-19 04:12 PM
    I have not received the receipt yet.

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  • bb8185
    07-22 07:00 PM
    My attorney has asked for the I-485 to be printed:

    double sided with Flip to Top option.

    Did anyone else do the same?

    My lawyer did 'flip to top' aswell.


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  • chsundar
    04-02 03:08 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I am visiting to India on vacation and need to go for H1B renewal. My natvie place is in Andhra Pradesh, near to Chennai. So, i am comming from USA to Chennai, and wants to go to Chennai Consulate for stamping.

    In vfs site the moment i select AP, it showing only Hyderabad appointment dates. how to choose and schedule appointment in Chennai consulate?

    Can any of you suggest, how to proceed? is there any issues of going to Chennai rather Hyderabad?

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-07 12:16 PM
    Should I go to Canada or Mexico and re-enter US with EAD/AP before my AP expires to start working on EAD and avoid any "out of status" issues ?

    Does Canada Mexico ask for valid VISA and I-94 to get a visitor visa?
    Should I go to India(my home country) and re-enter US before my AP expires to keep my status ?

    It doesn't seem to me that you need to leave the US at all. You are authorized to stay here because you have a 485 pending. You can work using your EAD. The company should have reverified your I-9 form when the H-1B expired, assuming that you showed the H-1B paperwork to complete the I-9. However, since you have an EAD, you were not working without authorization.

    However, you have a lawyer who has reviewed all your paperwork and presumably s/he knows something that I don't.

    Whatever you do, you should NOT try to enter the US as a visitor when you really want to work here and be a permanent resident. That would be fraud.

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  • svam77
    07-24 03:13 PM
    My H1B LC says that I got hired as software engr. But later, they promoted me to Sr Software Eng ...

    Now my labor cert says Software Engr.

    I think its not a problem but just want to make sure. My lawyer didnt even care.

    04-16 09:30 PM
    It's a bit inflammatory AND the quality of the text and the purple gradient background suffers :)

    03-08 02:26 PM

    Is it possible to do the following instead:?

    1) Print the completed form 9089 from the SEVIS website, and have the lawyer sign it.
    2) Attach it to the letter stating that labor has been certified.

    Do you think this could do ?

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