Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • dan19
    09-29 07:26 PM
    Is there any problem if your passport is expired while on H1 visa?

    Do we need to get the passport renewed before it is expiring?

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  • amicable
    06-21 06:12 PM
    Hi, I recently got married to an American Citizen. I am Canadian citizen and on travel visa here. I filed my I-485 jut last week. My question is how long does it take to get permanent resident approval?

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  • snhn
    06-15 04:40 PM
    Here is my question. In my college days bacd in the early 90's and mid 90's, I used to work and worked with my original Social secuirty number. Another words, I was given pay checks. I paid taxes and got refunds as well. Obviouslly all illegal since I had no permission to work as I was on FI visa. Anyways, after graduating college, I got H1b visa. Now I am in my 9th year, and my labor and I140 have already been approved. So the question is, when I am called for my 485 interview, will they know that i worked illegally, will they have records of that. I also have a DWI. I think DWI is ok, as I have read many got their green cards after this. I am more concerned with my working illegally.

    Just recentlly I was sued by Discover card. The judgement against me in teh court was for 10,000 +. I have paid half of it and will pay the rest in 6 months. Will that affect my Green Card.

    Please eloborate.


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  • vedicman
    11-08 09:28 AM
    Anyone read the book? Plan on getting it for a good read on a long flight.


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  • Anders �stberg
    May 19th, 2004, 01:21 PM
    Thanks for commenting Gary!
    I agree it's kind of boring, but on the other hand it might be "photo contest artsy"... you never know with a selection jury! :)

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  • Suva
    05-08 06:10 PM
    My I140 has been denied 2 times. 1st time was in EB3 Professional and 2nd was in EB3 Skilled worker category. I am not sure the reason for the 2nd denial since I am waiting for the notice letter.

    I urgently need an attorney who has recently cleared a few cases with 3 year degree (only 3 year degree not combination with Masters / Diploma etc)

    If you are someone who has 3 year degree and recently got approval, please IM me your attorney's details.


    I have 3 years degree and 1 year diploma. My labor was approved in 2007 under RIR. My company attorney was Cyrus Mehta at that time.


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  • ya3
    04-17 07:37 AM
    rofl!!!!!!!! :beer: I use messenger but still, its very funny!
    //Gah! Sifn't Trillian :P

    Thanks for the props, guys. I hope the K-man'll accept it... :sure:

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  • mbartosik
    04-01 11:30 PM
    This is from USCIS point of view. So they include all categories of I485 -- most will probably be family based. The I140 is exclusive to EB class. Of course USCIS does not publish stats that we would find really useful, even their process dates are works of fiction (or at least not totally accurate).


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  • ovaloffice
    05-22 05:07 PM

    I am a physician who is doing his residency on H1b. My wife has applied for green card with a priority date 4/2004 (employment based category 3). I have applied for my green card with her. Now we are in I 485 stage.

    NOw that the way dates are progressing it seems it will take a while for her date to become current for EB3. I was wondering if I apply for green card when I finish my residency, can I recapture the priority date?

    I'd appreciate your help. Thank you

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  • vishwak
    11-23 10:51 AM

    My employer has initiated my H1 B visa for our client which is a telecom giant. I was denied H1B with the reason that I am a Mechanical Engineer. The document says that as a mechanical engineer I need 6yrs exp. I already have more than 4yrs exp in IT. The thing which wonders me is that, 2 of my engineering classmates got their H1 approved. Is there any clause which says about this. Please help me.


    Get Education Evalutaion done as per job requirement.

    You need someone who can write nice Theory on your Experience and Education & showing you are qualified for it. You will get H1B. All the best.

    Keep updating thread.


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  • eb3_nepa
    10-27 05:14 PM
    we can pay more fees if they can process our cases fast.:) :) :)

    Unfortunately that is not how it works at USCIS. They increase the fees WITHOUT any increase in service/performance.

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  • wonderlust
    07-17 10:43 PM
    Congratulations on our first BIG SUCCESS! Your efforts, time, and resources spent have paid back!

    While rejoicing our victory, I remind myself that this is the first. There are still challenges for each individual and our community on the journey of legal EB immigration:

    (1) How will the CIS, DOS, DHS, and FBI handle the job in the future?
    (2) What will the increased fee be used for? How can we and other goverment agencies monitor the accountability?

    Let's think about what's next... Will this success be the end or the beginning of our grassroot activism? Does the present move by CIS mean efficient services in the future?

    Take care, enjoy the moment and plan for the future.



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  • krishna_brc
    07-28 02:49 PM
    Just to let everyone know if any of you encounter the same issue -

    called up USCIS Customer Service and spoke to them about this error. They said to mention this in the Cover Letter (When I send the supporting docs) as a mistake that happened while filing the EAD and what the correct answer should be. They said it'll be then taken care of.

    Am going to do accordingly!

    I did some what similar mistake and explained the same in Cover Letter while sending the supporting documents.
    Got my approvals also.


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  • mrdhoni
    08-29 01:56 AM
    I am working in US on L1A visa expiring in November 2010 (completing 7 years). The Visa with whom I am working are not processing my GC. Before changing my Visa to L1A, I had H1B which is expired now. So I am applying for PERM through another employer. This employer/attorney is going to file for Labor in one or two months. What are the chances of my Labor and I-140 getting approved before December 2010? If my Labor got approved by December 2010, Can I switch to the employer who has applied for PERM and continue staying in US? Are there any options? Please advice. Thanks for your time.


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  • pappu
    08-23 12:04 PM
    /\/\/\ bump

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  • alterego
    10-15 10:39 PM
    I would wait it out if I were you. Why the risk at this stage?
    Risk/Benefit analysis is not in favour of anything but staying put if you ask me.
    What if in the 8-9 months it will take to get to this stage, the EB3 date skips forward, worse yet what if they take a hard stand on conversion cases due to the number they are seeing and you get denied.
    It all depends of course on your personal circumstances, but I can't see the logic in it.


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  • cygent
    01-26 07:16 PM
    Consider filing a complaint with AILF. But do so at your discretion, as relationships are also *VERY* important in these matters. Better not to burn to many bridges.

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  • priderock
    04-20 01:04 PM
    I already have 3 yr approval Notice with me.
    Would it not be enuf for me to transfer my H1 to a new company ?

    Yes , I think it is enough to get H1 transfer. I assume you are going to join the new company after the H1 transfer.

    What is the PD of your current approved labor ?

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  • Karthikthiru
    06-22 10:06 AM
    I already checked with my attorney - a scanned copy is enough


    12-17 06:04 PM
    core members:

    I was wondering if you may post minutes of immigration symposiums held at Priceton and Boston?
    BTW pls update your account information. You are from NJ and we had a hard time contacting NJ members for this event.

    02-13 02:11 PM

    Can we get any help from these guyes?

    They will want H1Bs to come back to India. Helping us with the greencard does not make any business sense.

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