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Hairstyles With Curls And Bangs

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  • Which hairstyle with angs

  • nixstor
    08-23 11:10 AM
    Address change (AR-11) has to be filed irrespective of whether your GC is in process or not. Even International students have to file AR-11.

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  • lost
    10-27 09:05 AM
    In what stage is the background check done? and are we notified of its completion?

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  • rathodman
    04-28 12:54 PM

    I did H1B Transfer from Company A to Company B on 12/07/09. But after 2 RFEs, my H1B got denied with Company B (for employer-employee relationship issue even though my company B is direct Vendor with current Client) on 04/22/10. I'll reapply appreciate if you can help me with following questions:

    1) Am I out of status from now? If not, when will I go out of status? Is there any grace period do I get for stay in US after denial?
    2) Does appeal / motion to re-open (MTR) put me back in status or allow me to continue working at client site till appeal is resolved? What if the appeal is rejected? I'll be out of status from the date when H1B was denied. Am I correct?
    3) Is it possible to re-apply for H1B transfer (with Company B or with any other Company) after denial and continue working at client site (without leaving the country) or I need to leave Country till new H1B transfer application gets approved?
    5) I have approved H1B & I94 from my previous Company A valid till 10/30/2011. Also I have approved H1B from Company D (for which I never worked so far) valid for another 1 year. Both these H1B status is showing Active on USCIS website. So is it possible to work with any of the Company C or D without any h1B transfer? If yes, what will be my I-94 date in that case (how long can I work legally on their H1)? Can I continue to work till their I-94 date? Won't my current denial I-94 date override previous I-94 dates?

    I'll really appreciate your response on this.


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  • jsb
    01-09 03:40 PM
    Thanks jsb..In that case, I am changing jobs even without working for my GC sponsorer. I heard that it could potentially lead to fraud case.are you sure we can do this or do u know somebody who has done this.


    AC21 guidance issued in the following link should clarify some of your concerns.,0520-ac21.pdf

    GC sponsorship is always for a future job. Until your GC approval, if you are working for the sponsoring employer, you are there as a guest worker (on H1B, L1 etc.). It will be fraud if it is established that sponsoring employer did not really intend to employ you, and you did not really intend to work for them as a permanent employee, upon getting your GC.


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  • sundeep14
    07-14 04:39 PM
    I have 140 approval notice in mail like 1.5yrs back...just today i put the reciept number on USCIS website and it says still pending..i called USCIS and they say they wont be able to discuss my case since 140 is employer specific employer is sayin dont worry and dont bother about online status...i just want to make sure my 140 is really approved and USCIS has the correct update while lookin at my 485 file...i dont want them to put my 485 in hold just because of they thinkin 140 is not approved...

    EB2 - Sept 04

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  • desi3933
    05-19 03:57 PM
    2) Explain why you leave at the following address( XYZ�.) and your spouse lives in ABC address.

    I hope that you are aware of the rule that AR-11 (change of address) must be filed within 10 calendar days of physical move.

    Not a legal advice


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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    04-22 12:29 PM
    I have PD which is current (Jun 03 EB2 India), a RD which is current (Jun 05! yes VSC transfer to TSC in Apr 07). In the last week of Nov 07 got a simple RFE (medical RFE wherein the doc forgot to check one box), which was replied promptly and got confirmation from USCIS that they got the response.

    Have been following up with USCIS (service request, POJ-TSC from April 7th). Got a soft LUD today (04/22/2008). does it mean anything ?

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  • isantem
    06-29 03:12 PM
    Divyendu Sinha was beaten to death while he was out on a walk with his family near his
    home in South New Jersey. He holds a PhD and was a professor and author of computer
    Science books.

    Old Bridge man who was attacked by teenagers dies from injuries | (

    Three teenagers arrested in beating of Old Bridge man | (

    This is SAD, but what have to do with "Imigration Voice Issues and Congressional updates"? >


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  • arnet
    06-13 08:46 PM
    check with your attroney, in general you can do concurrent I-485 filing along with I-140 (or) if your I-140 pending you can still apply for I-485 with I-140 filing. But I never did this, so check with your attroney now and do it. good luck

    Congrats to all who can apply for I 485.oUR situation is that my husband is a fellow in medicine speciality and already been offered a job which he wil start in july 2008.Our details
    lc approved for the future job
    i 140 pending.
    Are we eligible to apply for i 485 ..ead for a future job etc.
    I am on h4 .
    Thanks People.
    Thanks to iv

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  • sparklinks
    09-16 03:27 PM
    I applied on Jun6th and got my EAD 2 weeks back. I took infopass to expedite the process. The IO wrote an email to someone in TSC. I got approved next week. Give a try taking Infopass.

    Good luck

    Thanks, I will do that on 18th..took Infopass


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  • hairstyles for curly hair

  • Aah_GC
    06-24 06:16 PM
    Yes you can but at some point it is safer for you to have worked for at least some time with Company A. Please confirm with others.

    Between, you just invoke AC21 automatically under the guidelines - there is nothing to "file" per se, unless you want to send out your new offer letter to USCIS along with other supporting documents.

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  • andyvillapark
    08-19 07:43 PM
    Thanks very much dealsboy, really appreciate it.


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  • ronhira
    01-05 06:35 PM
    details of computer consultant insurance -

    Professional liability E&O insurance for Computer Consultant Firms (

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  • phillyimmigrant
    07-18 01:23 PM
    I am a newbie as well and have filed I-485, I-131, and I-765, and they reached USCIS by July 2nd. What happens now?:confused: I mean, I understand we will get I-485 receipt and AP and EAD and might even be called for finger printing. What after that?

    EB2 India
    PERM submitted in Oct 2006, I140 approved

    After the show down of the USCIS and all the high skilled immigrats. USCIS posted that they are withdrawing the July 2nd board. This is great news.

    I have filed my I-485, I-131, and I-765, and they reached USCIS by July 13th. According to the new board, USCIS will no long reject them.

    So what will happen from now on? What is the procedure after this?

    I guess this might be a newbie question. If someone can post some answers for me, it will be very helpful.



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  • raju6855
    01-19 05:11 PM
    This has been big bummer. had to cancel the flight and now my wife is thinking about dropping out of semester.

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  • Seb Hughes
    04-17 09:21 AM
    Yeah what is wrong with Macs


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  • sammielee
    07-01 01:38 PM
    I already had my meeting for permanent residency and it remains pending until I submit to them a more detailed version (the long form) of my birth certificate. They did have my original but it was not the one they wanted and I was unaware of this until the end of my meeting. I have been given a deadline and although I have applied for the certificate that the US immigration wants, it has not yet been delivered. The hold up has not been with me but with the government offices that process the certificates so there has been nothing I could do. The deadline is fast approaching - I'm concerned that they will toss out my whole claim (as was indicated on the notification they gave me) if I don't get it to them on time. Will they allow me and extension on the time? I am not working through a lawyer. Thank you.

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  • Curls with Bangs Hairstyle

  • aravindan_kv
    02-01 11:13 AM
    All ,
    I am working for company "x" and having middle vendor "y"
    and middle vendor has got me job and , working in the client location "z" of the middle vendor

    I have signed non-compete agreement with middle vendor , that i should not join with client "z" (introduce by middle vendor) for 2 years after my termination.

    The vendor "y" is not willing to work with my client "z"
    and vendor "y" is saying to me i should not work with "z" because i have signed non-compete agreement.

    Is it legal for my vendor "y" to say that i should not work with "z"
    if they don't want to do business with "z"

    I don;t know how to overcome this isssue.please guide me

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  • jayleno
    07-14 04:51 PM
    I'm not a Guru in Immigration Matters...still from my experience USCIS is pretty random in some cases with online statuses.
    I think I just told you what you know already, but reminding you that you are not alone.
    Any updates gurus?

    03-22 01:02 PM

    06-18 07:08 AM
    My wife's name was changed when we got married in the passport to add my name as her last name.

    This is not reflected on her birth certificate.

    I am planning on taking 2 affadavits. But I don't have a format for this special case.. Is there any one who has gone thru this ? Also pls provide me with the format...

    Urgent reply..


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