Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • m2kkk
    07-31 12:29 PM
    I don't see the gain. Although a fresh L petition has better chance of approval, you still have to get a visa approved, which may get rejected.

    Given your wife's situation of EAD, you are better off applying for an extension here. They will not reject an application as long it meets all the requirements.

    Thanks ! I dont know if the reasons for rejection are entirely based on merits of the petition but from experience of my coworkers around here, the employer advises a fresh petition. If I wish to go for a fresh petition how soon can I travel before my VISA expiry date ? Is there any deadline stipulated ? My VISA expires on 11/18/2008. Can I travel in Sept and submit a fresh petition for approval ?


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  • abhishek101
    02-08 11:44 AM
    Yes you can using your I140, should not be any issue. Ask your attorney to do the paperwork, it should be straightforward.

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  • solaris27
    06-05 04:41 PM
    Just want to know that is there any law
    which help to get overtime for full time employee.

    I know if you consultant you get paid by hours but not when you become full time employee.

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  • desi3933
    09-05 01:23 PM
    I am sorry if this has been asked 100 times before and would appreciate if someone can provide a linky.

    Is it okie to have gap between AP renewals or is it a problem?


    It is ok to have gaps in dates for various APs.

    **** Not a legal advise ****

    Proud Indian-American and Legal Immigrant


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  • redgreen
    05-06 07:40 PM
    all exchanges are canceling trades with more than/or less than 60% of the price at 2:40, occured between 2:40 and 3:00 the time period when this record drop happened.

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  • nileshilpa
    08-27 02:21 PM
    MIne was updated 2 days later, be patient


    I saw three LUDs on 485 applications after FP. Last as latest as August 23rd. No recent LUD on EAD or AP yet.

    What should I expect?


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  • ha002
    06-14 07:45 PM

    My wife is on F1 Visa and working on OPT(Optional Practical Training), now that the PD are all current., i will be applying for I-485 in july,

    1) can i include her even thought she is on OPT, will that effect our I-485 approval as she is a non-immigrant status
    2) should be convert back to H4
    3) how easy is it to get appoitments in India now for Visa stamping

    Please advice

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  • sw33t
    07-30 12:07 PM
    23 members and counting.

    Have you signed up yet?


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  • ttdam
    10-22 03:38 PM
    I got the receipt #s from back of the checks.
    EAD & AP pending with VSC, 485 transferred back to TSC

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  • coolman775
    07-23 01:35 PM
    Have you received finger print requests?
    yes I did for the I-485 after one or two month since I got my recipt number ...

    Is your PD current?
    I don't know what is PD stands for !...

    Is the Service Center processing I 485 applications around the RD of your 485 application?
    I don't know how to check that , because when I click on the checking by the RD of the file in the service center , it doesn't show any I-485 on the list !...

    and what is the IV ?

    THank you soooo much in adance for all the informatioin.


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  • ramb
    09-30 06:11 PM
    I'm going to Canada on vacation for 2 days. I've read that if yr I-94 is valid and even if yr visa is expired you can return to US (thru automcatic revalidation)
    1. you have not applied for US visa in Canada
    2. you dont belong to a country declared as sponsoring terrorism.

    My question is if you surrender yr I-94 to a Canadian inspector while crossing in to Canada, what do you show US immigration people while coming back? Do they stamp something etc? Has anyone gone thru this or knows abt this?


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  • deecha
    08-31 11:22 AM
    Any suggestion please..

    You could file a new 485 based on your approved I-140 and withdraw the old I-485. That seems to be the easiest way.

    This is not legal advice. Please consult a qualified attorney.


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  • s416504
    03-31 09:56 AM
    Will be hard to give correct answer because we don't know what was his status since H1B approval & now (more than year period). If he went went out of country & returned to USA during this period, He is fine with his L1 Status.

    As far his H1B approval has valid period, he should be OK to work with H1B sponcer employer as far as he maintained valid status. He might need to go out & get H1B visa stamping before he starts works.

    But one thing is sure, He won't be part of H1B Quota limit for his next H1B.


    Need some urgent help here..

    One of my friend is working for X employer on L1 Visa since 2007. He applied for H1B visa through Y company in 2008 quota, luckily he got it but never joined the company. Now his L1 visa is about to expire.

    Question is

    What will happen to his H1B visa after L1 visa renewal ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • meridiani.planum
    07-23 05:34 AM
    Now that Aug is coming up, please post all the 485 LUDs that you have been seeing after 07/18/2008. This will help us getting the pattern, in case USCIS shall auto order the Card production.

    no one is auto-ordering card production (whatever that means).

    lets stick with vdlrao's thread to track Augusts approvals please. no need for another thread for teh same topic.


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  • kannan
    11-17 04:51 PM
    My I 94 was valid only till Feb 20 . I am worried now will it be a problem ?

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  • billu
    05-25 08:01 AM
    i enetered US on h4 visa in sept. 2007. got h1b and started working on h1 in october 2008. was laid off in nov 2009 and my husband promptly filed my h4 and got approval in march this year. now another employer has filed for my h1b visa. do I need to wait for h1b approval notice since I am on h4 visa or can I start working as soon as the company receives the receipt notice?thanks for your answers.


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  • ssdtm
    09-15 04:47 PM
    He will have to file labor again.

    Few things to note:
    � It does not matter if he is PhD or not, what matters is that the job for which his company will be applying his Labor justifies a Masters or PhD. If he qualifies, then yes, go ahead and file a new labor.
    � New labor is not as fast to get approved as was earlier. It is taking from anywhere 12-14 months now a days to get it approved. It is only after labor approval that you can port.

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  • Rune
    June 20th, 2004, 10:29 AM
    I think the point of focus in the shot of the guy in the boxing stance needs to be his face.

    I'm trying to remember a similar pose by Bruce Lee and where the focus was. Isn't the fist where the action is? (but yeah, I too expected the face to be in focus)

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  • honge_kamyaab
    10-02 09:13 AM
    Did manager's amendment get approved with Border bill? What the course of action for manger's amendment.
    Can someone throw some light on this.

    Blog Feeds
    02-11 08:50 PM
    DHS Leadership Journal Has Just Posted the Following: (
    In recent days, the Department of Homeland Security has taken a major step toward its priority to create a more open, transparent, efficient, and effective government. As part of President Obama's Open Government Directive, we have now launched the DHS Open Government Initiative (

    The Administration has set four goals for its Open Government effort, calling them the "cornerstone of an open government." The goals DHS will seek are:

    improving transparency by providing more information and data about the Department's activities in a timely and accessible manner;
    increasing participation by utilizing new tools and strategies to encourage input and feedback from the public;
    expanding collaboration with our many partners, both inside and outside government; and
    encouraging innovation to find new ways to make the government more open and efficient and save taxpayers money.

    The Department of Homeland Security wants your input on our Open Government Plan. How should we increase our transparency to the public? What is the best way to foster a culture of participation? Do you have ideas to help increase collaboration? We want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

    The online participation tool ( will be available until March 19, 2010. You can contribute your own ideas and rate idea others have submitted.

    Chris Cummiskey
    Chief of Staff, Management DirectoratePublished by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, D.C. ership ( l2AUoC8zA) sGLiPBpWU ( sGLiPBpWU) zBnMyn0Lo ( zBnMyn0Lo)

    More... (

    09-11 03:37 PM
    On August 5th, My Online status got updated: Approval Notice sent

    On August 19th, My employer got the notice stating that my petition is denied. He scanned it and forwarded it to me.

    On September 10th, My Online status got updated: the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER as undeliverable. This may have serious effects on processing this case. Please call xxx to update your mailing address for this notice to be re-sent.

    All this is leading to big confusion in my mind. I am not worried about denial. I am worried about what is happening here? Why Online status is deviant from what my employer says?

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