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Long Hair With Angles And Layers

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  • vasa
    08-08 10:11 AM
    My company filed on July2 (MY i485/aos/ead app reached USCIS on July 2), although they were pissed off by July 2nd reversal, but were OK when a revised bulletin was out..

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  • digitalmediatech
    September 4th, 2005, 05:19 AM
    I have also had some issues with that too, the "real" thing in living color is spectacular, but when I capture it with the camera, it loses it's effect. Just wanted to let you know that your not alone on this one.

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  • pappu
    08-09 07:53 AM
    Please find below my case details:

    i.Started on L1A in Dec 2001

    ii.Applied for a new H1 in June 2005 with start date as Oct 1,2005(New H1 application) : Came to US on H1 in Mar 2006 with "I 94 and Petition End Date(PED)" as Dec 2007.

    iii.Since Dec 2001 till Mar 2006, have been in India for totalling 10 months (2.5 months in 2003, 1.5 months 2004, 6 months during 2005-2006).

    With the assumption that I can recapture the time spent outside US (10 months), the six year clock ends in Oct 2008. If so, to get 7th year extension
    would it work as long as the Labour is filed before Oct 2007.

    Am I correct in this assessment or does the 6 year clock indeed ends in "Dec 2007" (as in my I94/PED) and I should have the Labour filed before Dec 2006.

    Any thoughts? Appreciate your comments.

    Thanks very much in advance.
    you have enough time to get started with your labor. earlier the better. have your company start your labor in a couple of months so that do dont have to worry about all the nitty gritties of recapture of time. yes one can recapture the time with a petition. less legal work is less money paid and less headache in my opinion.

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  • cableman
    11-20 01:46 PM
    My H1B 6 yr limit is set to expire in July 2008. I have an EAD/AP from filing in July. I want to invoke AC21 and change jobs using EAD. I hear a lot of people mention about keeping your H1B visa just in case the I-485 application gets rejected. But even if I extend my H1, it will be based on the fact that I have applied for I-485 since I am over the 6 yr limit. In that case, won't my H1 extension be void too if the I-485 gets rejected. I am not really sure how maintaining H1B/EAD together helps people in my situation. ANy thoughts/inputs welcome.

    Thank you.

    You extend you H-1B (< 6yrs) based on approved PERM and/or approved I-140. So if your I-485 was rejected, your H-1B would be safe. However, if your employee or USCIS revoked the approved PERM/I-140, then I don't know what would happen to the extended H-1B.

    If you invoked EAD and USCIS rejected your I-485, you would lose the EAD as well as the I-485 pending status because EAD was granted on your pending I-485 status.


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  • hsingh82
    07-14 01:30 PM

    I (Indian citizen) am on H1B and wife is on H4 (Canadian citizen). If we plan to get some franchisee and invest money from our savings, will she be eligible for E2 visa and work as an owner?

    Thank you!

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    01-06 07:03 PM
    Like many others we have been waiting for our AOS application to be approved for over 2 years. But the strange thing is, I did get an EAD approved but they never called me in for fingerprinting and Biometrics. I know I had to do the non-immigration "registration" that was initiated a few years ago and they had taken my fingerprints and biometrics, is that why they didn't call me in again? since they already have it?

    I had to get the fingerprints and retinal scan the last time I went out of the country and had to get the visa stamping done. But I don't think it was termed as non-immigrant "registration".

    Are you stuck in FBI name check? You can call CIS and check the status.


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  • aries
    11-30 10:03 AM
    Hi All,

    My application reached california service center on nov14 th for H1B extension. I am still waiting for the receipt notices. How long long does it take. Anyone in a similar boat.

    Thanks for the response.

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  • roseball
    10-10 01:10 AM
    Sorry.. Subject should have been "Filing PERM During 6th year of H1"


    I have approved I140 from company A and leaving it in few days. I will enter into 6th year in March next year.
    Company B filed H1 transfer based on I140 from company A and H1 transfer is approved for three years.
    Company B is little hesitant to file GC immediately due to economy but promising to file before I enter 6th year, but I am not fully sure if they do.

    Can GC process be started when I am in 6th year under above circumstances? (H1 extension is NOT needed for 3 more years).

    If Labor from company B gets denied during or after 6th year, can company B apply another PERM labor and pursue my GC processing?


    Yes, you can start your GC process anytime. You have a safety net of an approved I-140 to get you H1 extensions. Yes, as long as there is a job which you are eligible for and the company is willing to sponsor you, there wont be any issues in applying.


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  • abhaykul
    06-19 02:35 PM
    I applaud IV's core member's achievement so far. I have been participating from Sunjoshi's S1932 thread to and finally was happy when I saw IV progressing.As busy professionals what IV's core member's have achieved is commendable.

    Looking back @ S1932 and this comprehensive Immigration reform bill. I strongly feel that we should concentrate on backing a bill meant only for legal Immigration. Anti Illegal immigration forces, make no mistake are all anti legal Immigration too. So these folks make lot of noice and have found means like budget reconciliation and amnesty to block our reforms. Majority of Americans and the lawmakers are pro-Legal Immigration (We have seen this when Senator Byrd amendment was voted out when the senate was discussing S1932).It does not mean we should not take any part in Comprehensive Immigration reform or similar bills. In fact we should all still send faxes call lawmakers and be vocal as much as we can but the main
    aim has to be a bill dealing with legal Immigration only. One Other point I would like to put forth is we should Initiate a "for Legal Immigration only" bill in the house first so will not be jubilant when it passes in senate and then go in depression when it fails in committee or the house. If Dem's come to power in the house the scenario is going to be very different after the November elections but for now this is all we can do for the few days remaining before the election.

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  • dealsnet
    01-07 09:17 AM
    Go to Airport for a defferred inspection. They will correct it. Many people here got it corrected. Don't waste time here for answer thomacha.........

    Anybody who had an I94 issued only till the validity of the visa and not until the I-797? At the POE the guy simply wouldn't understand when I tried to explain to him that I have an extension (797) valid from 4/10 t0 4/11. He gave me an I94 only until 4/10. I read that people go for deffered inspection and get it corrected. Anybody who did that in a similar situation active in IV now? Any suggestions on how to proceed? do you go to the nearest international airport or an off-airport location?


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  • ganguteli
    04-07 09:48 AM
    I have 2 lawyers to select from. Both are good. One of them is the lawyer company (his office locate in the same city) which is the most expensive. The other lawyer is really good and his expenses is pretty good.

    My question is that: Is it better to stuck with the company lawyer as he can handle the perm better. That may because he knows well where to advertise? Or it does not matter? I am just worried that the lawyer that live in another state will not know very well about the city and where he should advertise.

    As anyone think, I also want to make sure that he does not over advertise such that we may get many applicants?

    Please advise me if I should stuck with the company lawyer or it does not matter?
    Your lawyer cannot advertise. It is illegal. Your employer has to advertise. The lawyer works with your employer in the Perm process and your employer selects the candidate. So you do not control anything in the PERM process. Also, your employer needs to pay for Perm process and not you.

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  • hoolahoous
    08-24 02:06 AM
    sfo counsulate charges a fee for endorsement. I recently travelled to India and carried old passport + new passport and PIO card without endoresement. no issues.
    endoresment is needed only if you don't carry your old passport, but I guess you already know that carrying old passport is more beneficial than not carrying it.


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  • crazyghoda
    06-16 07:22 PM
    So step children get the same benefits as dependants. Good to know. I guess if it wasnt so, someone would have raised some issue about it by now. Atleast there would have been a bill in congress.

    After marriage he will be your step-son and is eligible for L2 dependent visa.

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  • aj_jadeja
    12-20 04:06 PM
    Nice article. IF some how this gets to retures then i m sure this will get more exposure.


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  • Lasantha
    10-12 02:52 PM
    I just got my labor approved for Masters degree and 3 years exp.

    I have 3 years B.Sc degree and 3 years MCA degree from India and my education eval. shows it as equivalent to MS in computer Science.

    In form ETA 750, under section 14, I have following data

    College degree required:
    Master of Science

    Major field of study
    Comp Sci/Engg,Info Sys Engg

    3 years

    Other fields under section 14 and 15 are blank.

    RIR Advertisement has mentioned following
    " Must have MS in Computer Science or Engineering, Information Systems Engineering or foreign degree equivalent with 3 years of relevant work experience."

    I am little confused about "College degree required:" field. It only says "Master of Science". Should it be "Master of Science Or foreign equivalent"?
    Edit/Delete Message

    I don't want to scare you, but I think the words "or foreign equivelant" is required unless you have a US degree.

    Please speak to your attorney about this.

    ( Experts plaese correct me if I am wrong)

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  • kumarr
    04-08 01:19 PM
    How long it take (in terms day) to receive actual RFE mail notice after LUD status update online about RFE?

    No RFE so far. Like I said all I see is new LUDs and all the online messages on i-485 cases say "case received and pending" on all cases. All cases are at Nebraska.


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  • Chandra_Chndra
    05-04 02:40 PM
    thanks for the reply...

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  • AjP
    June 5th, 2005, 08:25 PM
    Hello everyone, finally got my camera on Saturday, unfortunately didn't have much time to take pictures during weekend. But I posted 8 shots which catch my attention and will be really appreciated your opinion, critique, suggestions.

    I'm not as pro as many of you, but feel free to critique anyway you want too.

    I didn't want to post all 8 pictures here, so here is the link to my albums. (

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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  • McLuvin
    04-16 03:38 PM
    IV, you guys are doing it.....

    I know for sure that Shusterman is one of the reputed Lawyer's... Its good to see people like him spending some time in this forum.

    Also, if this is Mr.Shusterman himself participating in this forum or a member of his team participating. Can you throw some light into EB Immigration in the current CIR. What is that the EB folks can expect?


    07-07 11:14 AM
    Form AR-11 asks for the date my stay in the United States will expire. What date should I use? Currently, I am on working on EAD (I-485 pending) and last entered US on AP.

    Note: Sorry for a duplicate thread. I posted my previous one in I-140 section. :confused:

    06-15 04:53 PM
    Here is my question. In my college days bacd in the early 90's and mid 90's, I used to work and worked with my original Social secuirty number. Another words, I was given pay checks. I paid taxes and got refunds as well. Obviouslly all illegal since I had no permission to work as I was on FI visa. Anyways, after graduating college, I got H1b visa. Now I am in my 9th year, and my labor and I140 have already been approved. So the question is, when I am called for my 485 interview, will they know that i worked illegally, will they have records of that. I also have a DWI. I think DWI is ok, as I have read many got their green cards after this. I am more concerned with my working illegally.

    Just recentlly I was sued by Discover card. The judgement against me in teh court was for 10,000 +. I have paid half of it and will pay the rest in 6 months. Will that affect my Green Card.

    Please eloborate.


    You have to disclose and consult those question with your immigration lawyer since they will have a better answer for that particular problems and usually your lawyer will company you during the interview. If you've got lucky there will be no interview at all.

    if you ever got out from US after violated your status and get back in, get a new I94 and never violated your status again after your last entry by working illegaly you should be fine.

    Or if your total working hour is not over 180 days there is law if I'm not wrong part of ac21 that pardon that kind of violation as long as it's not more than 180 days.

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