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  • lost
    07-21 09:32 AM
    I got appointment letter for Biometrics from USCIS. I already gave in 2007.
    Why are they asking again? and I only got this, my husband and son didn't get it.

    Right now I am on EAD, since last december(2009) I am not working, will there be any issues as I am the primary applicant.


    You are the primary applicant and not working? Is this ok?

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  • jcrajput
    09-30 09:51 PM
    Here I am planning to send following letter: Please suggest me ASAP if any changes. I really appericiate your feedback.

    P.O. Box 805887
    Chicago, IL 60680-4120

    ATTN: CRU Supervisor - Case Improperly Returned (I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status on Behalf of xxxxx (the �Petitioner�) based on an Employment based visa petition (I-140)

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This application/petition was filed along with the required fees is being returned to me for the following reason.

    Reference: I797C, Notice of Action, Receipt number: xxxx
    Notice date: September 20, 2007

    �Please resubmit your application with the �Copy of your form-I797, (Notice of Action) if the petition has already been filed or approved. (I-140)�

    I believe that my application was sent along with the copy of I-140 and I feel that my case is improperly returned.

    Originally I have sent my I-485 application based on JULY 2007 VISA BULLETIN to NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER. Here below is my shipping detail:

    FedEx Tracking number xxxx
    Ship (P/U) date Jun 30, 2007
    Delivery date Jul 2, 2007 7:55 AM
    Sign for by: R.WILLIAMS
    Delivered to: Shipping/Receiving
    Service type: FedEx First Overnight
    Packaging type: FedEx Pak
    Number of pieces 1
    Weight: 1.00 lb.

    Shipper Information

    Recipient Information

    I have sent my application with the copy of form I-797, (Notice of Action) which was already field and approved on date March 09, 2007. Here below if the detail for the form I-797 for case type I-140.

    Receipt number: xxxx
    Receipt date: December 11, 2006
    Notice Date: March 9, 2007
    Priority date: October 4, 2006
    Petitioner: xxxx
    Beneficiary: xxxx
    A # xxx
    I would like to re-submit this application and I am requesting for processing once again.
    Please contact me if you need any further information or assistance. Your kind attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Human Resources Manager

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  • Gravitation
    01-29 02:09 PM
    Let's post about IV at our local craigslist chapters. We can't afford to slack off.

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  • kirupa
    04-18 03:05 PM
    I do not think Swift 3D has a wireframe export features, but you can press the Print Screen button and paste the image into an image editor. You will be able to manipulate it like you would any other image. That is the best way that I know of doing it. You could also import the Swift 3D swf into Flash, and let Flash export the movie as a sequence of images.


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  • swetha00
    09-12 02:43 PM
    Hi all!
    Thanks a lot for the information...

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  • tillu
    04-02 02:27 AM
    Can someone help??
    Where are the guys who can reply this.

    Please reply before it is too late for me.


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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-16 04:20 PM
    Font could definately use some work. I'm so sick and tired of times new roman being everywhere. The only thing its good for is essays.

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  • surya.kant
    06-19 01:42 PM
    My Client due to some reasons unable to offer fulltime position . But they are extending my project bt 2- 2 months . Now they extended till Aug 2009 . My visa is expiring in sep 2009 .

    Should I ask my employer to file extention Now ? or should I file in August ?

    If there is a chance that client will offer fulltime job in next 2 months, consider waiting till aug for h1 extesnion, otherwise file for extension now. CIS may need end client letter for H1 extension.



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  • jonty_11
    06-18 04:07 PM
    consult attorney for this..I think you do need all the forms for both u and ur wife...dont take this as legal advise please

    If you are filing yourself..then look at home page for details on how to file w/o attorney.

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  • rameshvaid
    04-23 12:24 PM
    Go to the web site and review your different options.

    You can immigrate base dupon family sponsorship, employment or just the point system without employment.

    I qualified by point system without employment offer. You can take the test on line for free to see if you qualify by the point system.

    Best of Luck

    Just go on their website down load form and send it to them. Do not need any attorney. Point sytem should be the best option for you. Filling up the forms are pretty simple.



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  • tabletpc
    12-22 02:06 PM
    Thanks vikram for the speedy response.

    Anyone out there with similiar expereince...????


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  • pappu
    08-06 03:01 PM
    Yes there are limits to salary. I will try to post more details on it when time permits and as I myself find details from my own research.

    Basically, stay above what was in your labor/140. Do not go too high, 10% per year raise is ok. Job duties should stay same or similar. You can be a sr. software programmer from a software programmer but not a VP or Architect...(you got my point).
    This is a gray area and tough to get a correct advice easily.
    This is also a big issue for our community since people cannot get promoted or take big salary raises due to this limitation. Ask people who are stuck in 485 stage for many years.

    I know a lot of people are counting days to just jump into a new job after 180 days. But make sure you factor in all the risks when you do this. Be prepared for an RFE on it.

    and BTW I am reading so many posts that say you can jump jobs before 180 days. Please do not misrepresent the Yates Memo and regulations to prove a point. You need to stck to the job for 180 days definitely. The only exception is that if you are sure that the job offer will wait for you indefinitely in infinite future when you get an RFE. Do not take immigration laws lightly. And yes, always seek advice from a good lawyer when you take such important decisions. Forums are simply opinions from people without a law degree or experience.
    will post more on this thread as I find more info


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  • kevnss
    04-01 02:01 PM
    If you have to use EB2, you have to interfile your application to EB2 after the EB2 I140 gets approved. Until then, your category is EB3. If you change the employer now, you would be using the AC21 for the EB3.

    If you want to interfile with EB2, you would need to wait until the EB2 I140 gets approved.

    The process with interfiling is not very clear. This means that, once you interfile for EB2, until you get a letter stating the interfiling was successful, you don't know which job position and job duties to follow while changing company.

    So that means I can switch based on EB3 and AC21.

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  • veni001
    10-29 05:10 PM
    I am planning to file a Fed Court case against USCIS for incorrect denial of I148 with AC21.
    Appreciate if have any input/info on below,

    1. How much typically a Fed court case cost?
    2. Any recommendation of good attorney for this?
    3. Any other information/input

    What is I148?:confused:


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  • uma001
    04-22 10:08 AM
    1 . Where is the donor forum? I could not find it
    Donor Forum is visible only to the donors in the forum page.
    2. I am a donor (two times). But I do not have access to it.
    Donor forum access is provided to verified current donors only. Past donors cannot subscribe to this forum - it does not work like yearly/lifetime membership. To have continuous access to the donor forum, you will have to be a recurring donor.
    However, if you have donated recently and cannot access donor forum, please contact me and I will be glad to help. Thanks.

    So IV do not provide the important news to the members who are not donors. That is unfair. Even though I have not filed my green card I have donated some amount in the past.

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  • srisra
    10-12 01:44 PM
    eb2 india - same as previous
    eb3 - moved by a wk. 22apr01


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  • wisley
    11-10 02:58 PM
    hi all

    a friend of mine running his own business wanna apply for a visit visa or tourist visa what we are suppose to say in section purpose of your visit ????????????????????

    any insight are appreciated

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  • meridiani.planum
    04-02 01:12 AM
    04/02/2008: Petitions/Applications Backlogs as of 02/29/2008

    * I-140: 147,913
    * I-485: 787,516
    * I-130: 1,367,289
    * I-765 EAD: 150,028
    * I-90 Green Card renewals/replacements
    * For other statistics, please click here.

    Source - ry08.pdf

    The backlog is so huge that there is no "light" at the end of the tunnel

    FB immigration is capped at 480K and EB immigration at 140K. Both are backlogged.. the ratio of cases is also perhaps 3:1 or 4:1, so the bulk of those pendng 485s are likely to be family based. the EB I-485 cases are probably somewhere around 250k of that 750k...

    Also, what is a backlogged case? USCIS has been changing the definition as they see fit. At one point cases that were pending FBI namecheck were not counted in backlogs!

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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:17 PM
    not feeling the font.

    also a blue sky might give more of an island feel. When i see the stamp i think of a scorching hot desert right now.

    08-18 03:40 PM
    Hi July 2 filers any update I did not get any ........

    How much more time for checks to en cash and what about the receipts .......

    And what is the NSC to TSC trasfers, when is that gonna happen ......

    08-27 12:32 PM
    You can claim UI... I used the benefit earlier and the UI office was very helpful. It is insurance and a public burden. It would not be held against you in AOS adjustment. But again, I am not a lawyer so my opinion is strictly mine and should not be considered as legal opinion.....

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