Friday, July 1, 2011

ryan reynolds and scarlett johansson break up

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  • GCBoy786
    06-28 05:45 PM
    I am about to mail the documents for my EAD and AP renewal.

    Current Residence: Missouri

    Could someone please verify the filing addresses for a FEDEX delivery.

    EAD filing Address:
    Nebraska Service Center
    850 S. Street,
    Lincoln, NE 68508-1225

    AP filing Address:
    USCIS Nebraska Service Center
    P.O. Box 87131
    Lincoln, NE 68501-7131

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-08 03:30 PM
    So is the economic downturn over already, if you look at the recent H1B filings it may well be the case. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated its periodic count of FY2010 H-1B cap ( filings, revealing that there has been a significant increase in the rate of filings during the month of October 2009. USCIS has stated that it has received a sufficient number of petitions to use all of the available 20,000 H-1B numbers that are reserved for individuals with advanced degrees from U.S. colleges or universities, which means that the "advanced degree" H-1B cap for FY2010 has been reached. H-1Bs for individuals with advanced degrees from U.S. colleges or universities can still be filed, but those petitions will now count toward the general H-1B cap of 65,000.

    Around 6,200 cap-subject H-1B ( petitions were filed in October 2009. This is a significant number, especially when compared to the only 1,500 filings received by USCIS in September 2009. In total, as of October 25, 2009, approximately 52,800 H-1B petitions that count against the congressionally-mandated 65,000 limit have been received by USCIS. This leaves only around 12,000 H-1B cap numbers for FY2010, without taking into account the 6,800 H-1B cap numbers that are reserved for nationals of Chile and Singapore. If all 6,800 of these "reserved" numbers are removed from the 65,000 cap along with the 52,800 H-1B cap petitions already received, there are only around 5,400 FY2010 H-1B cap numbers remaining.

    As a practical matter, USCIS will likely accept well more than 5,400 additional cap cases in FY2010, as the number of cases USCIS will accept anticipates that a certain number of filings will be withdrawn or denied. Additionally, nowhere near the full 6,800 Chile/Singapore numbers have historically been actually used by nationals of Chile or Singapore. Thus, most of those numbers are applied by USCIS to the general 65,000 cap.

    While USCIS is still accepting H-1B petitions for FY 2010, the recent jump in filing means that by mid December or so we will have no Visas left. My advice go ahead and file now.

    More... (

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  • ebizash
    06-05 09:06 PM
    Why do you need a signature from anyone in your company (or ex-company) on your 485. I-485 is your application and your employer has nothing to do with filing it.

    Are you talking about I-140 by any chance?

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  • gccovet
    08-04 08:56 AM
    cool, congrats.!!

    USCIS works in mysterious ways!!!



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  • Ann Ruben
    06-18 07:17 PM
    If your wife wants to transfer to a cap-subject employer, she will only be able to do so if the H-1 quota for the fiscal year has not been used up. If the H-1 cap has not been reached then transferring from a cap-exempt employer is no more difficult than transferring from a cap-subject employer. (though the new start date would have to be Oct. 1 or later)

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  • eagle123
    05-03 03:03 PM

    I am currently on my first OPT which expires in June second week. The company which I am working for is an everified company, hence I applied for my STEM extension last week(I did not get the receipt of confirmation/the new OPT STEM extension card till now). As the STEM extension rules say that we can work for a maximum of 180 days without getting out OPT card, I thought its fine and hence applied a little late.

    The problem here is that my company is getting acquired by another company(this company is not e-verified, but they are planning to get everified, don't know when). It is still in the process of acquisition and the deal is expected to close by July. As this company is not everified(as of now) I cannot work for this company after my first opt expires, till it gets the everified status. As is a general phenomena that when a bigger company acquires another company, some cost cutting might happen.

    I have a few questions.

    1) Do you guys suggest applying for a H1B, with my current company (The problem is that even if my current company applies H1B, I cannot work for the new company as my H1 will be in processing and the new company is not everified, and I would be out of status. I cannot face this situation if the new company gets everified status before my first opt expires, but I am not sure if this is going to happen).

    2)If I file my H1b and the new company decides to not take anyone from the previous company, then my opt would have been canceled as I have applied for H1, and I would not also get H1.

    3)If I get my H1 approved before we get removed, I would have only 1 month(grace period between H1 jobs, I assume) to get a new job and transfer my H1.

    4)Also I dont know if I apply for H1 during the time of acquisition, I am kinda confused what happens with the processing.

    I am really sorry if there is a similar post, but I could not find any. Also I could jolt down only the above scenarios. Please help if there are any other scenarios I missed out.

    Kindly Advice.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • tarone
    12-02 01:54 PM
    hi sunofeast_gc

    Its been over a month now and have not got any response.

    Should i apply for 1-140 before my 6th yearh h visa ends.
    I have already applied for 7th year extension but i still have few days left for 6th year h visa.

    Can you tell me how did you approach to fix the PD i.e should i approach only via my lawyer or directly and by which means like email, phone, letter etc and which department.


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  • meridiani.planum
    12-14 05:49 PM
    Our AP saga got its final miracle today. (at least I think it’s the final one…) Though my spouse’s and daughter's AP were finally got approved yesterday, the miracle is that TSC has decided to expedite and overnight them, based on a fax from my father-in-law’s doctor.
    The very nice lady IO at SF INS office this morning asked for our telephone numbers, and then followed up and called us on our cell phone to confirm that TSC is expediting the APS…..…and overnight-ing them!

    Prior to this last miracle the journey was choppy.
    We are to leave for India on Dec 26th... ..the APs were e-filed on July 12 to give TSC enough time.

    Because nothing seemed to be happening I faxed TSC director (no use), another fax at TSC (not much use), made friends with a TSC rep...(great) got in touch with my Congressman George MIller's office..(fantastic), leading to the approval yesterday and then today comes the icing on the cake… the overnight-ing….

    After a season of dryness, it doesn't just rain, it pours!

    write to the ombudsman. So much circus for an AP? When you applied 5 months ago!!

    oh, and congrats on getting your AP in time for your travel plans.


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  • NNReddy
    06-13 11:12 AM
    I am curious of the average networth of H1Bs excluding their parent's money. The money they just made so far. Not sure how to start a new thread. I read somewhere online there are lot of H1Bs who are working for 10 years are almost millionaires. Can they use their accumulated wealth to do an investment based green card.

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  • glosrfc
    10-31 08:43 PM
    Yup..pineapples, corn, cable cars, jugular veins...


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  • msadiqali
    01-07 08:22 PM
    Any help guys?

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  • suryamnb
    11-15 04:36 PM
    Does any one got "AP" approved, who applied in the month of august?from NSC.


    I filed my 140/485/EAD/AP on Aug 17th, Got receipts on Oct 30,
    EAD card received on Nov 9, AP travel doc received on Nov 14th.
    FP Notice received on Oct 30, scheduled for Nov 27.



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  • iheartindia79
    10-06 04:37 PM

    Anyone who received their Advance Parole Approvals, from NSC, who filed their I-485/AP etc on July 2nd?


    Still waiting [YAWN]

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  • memyselfandus
    05-27 09:53 AM
    Domestic adoption is perfectly legal and available. You can adopt through public and private agencies. You can find more information on Adoption Forums, Message Boards, Discussion Groups. Adopting, Foster, Baby Adoptions (


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  • eastindia
    10-14 03:51 PM
    Cornell Chronicle: Tata trust gives $50 million to Cornell (

    $50 million endowment from Tata trust bolsters Cornell ties to India, and to eminent alumnus

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  • Green Card Aspirant
    05-01 12:05 AM
    Congrats and enjoy your freedom of mobility


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  • rovingeye
    07-26 09:08 PM
    My case is not premium processing and the online status changed to "approval notice sent " for 4 days before the status changed to " document sent ". Its an I 140 and I heard that the mistake was restricted to PP cases . So I do not think that is the issue . Some one said it could be the last status on an approved I 140

    Thanks anyway for the info

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  • flyingmonkey456
    06-30 02:46 AM
    i'll pay you 10 bucks to eat it :P

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  • desi3933
    04-02 08:44 AM
    I have completed 4 years on H1B and I converted to L2 status and applied for EAD(feb'10) thru my Spouse's L1 Visa.

    My GC is in process and not filed my I-485 yet.

    Now my question is, as if i stay L2 for 1 year and if i convert it back to H1B, will my H1 term Start all over and will i get additional 6 year term? Please provide your feedback


    No, you can get only remainder of 6 years (on H-1B) and you are not subject to cap either. One must be physically present outside the US for 365 days to reset clock for H-1B. However, in that case, beneficiary is subject to H-1B cap as well.

    Time spent on H4 or L2 does not count towards 6 years for H-1B.

    As per 8 CFR 214.2(h) (13) (i) (B)
    When an alien in an H classification has spent the maximum allowable period of stay in the United States, a new petition under sections 101(a)(15)(H) or (L) of the Act may not be approved unless that alien has resided and been physically present outside the United States, except for brief trips for business or pleasure, for the time limit imposed on the particular H classification. Brief trips to the United States for business or pleasure during the required time abroad are not interruptive, but do not count towards fulfillment of the required time abroad

    Not a legal advice.

    10-27 08:28 PM
    Could you share information about your attorney?

    If you are case is straight forward and If you are doing H-1 transfer, dont waste money on AC-21. Wait until if and when you get a RFE and respond. Do you need an example of some one who got his GC by not filing but who shifted his residence from east coast to west coast? are looking at his message.

    Just my 2 cents for what it is worth....

    Good luck!

    05-23 10:35 PM
    Oh well, it means at least they read our letters

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