Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • ca_immigrant
    04-29 09:06 AM
    I think this office has more folks...
    anyways, I do not know for sure.
    Last time I called I was on the phone for 2 hours waiting and talking to them for 45 minutes or so them trying to figure out what is wrong...they could not and was promised that I would hear back from them in a day...well its a week since then and no news...

    yesterday when I created this post I was in q waiting to talk to someone...

    waited for 3 hours and when I finally reached number 1 in q it was another 30 to 45 minutes wait (as #1 in q) but I guess they had already packed up for the day as I had called at 4 pm and reached #1 at 6:30 PM and at 7:15 PM they happily disconnected the call from q.... (which is not a suprise or is not the first time they did this)

    I also wonder under what basis our nice consulate stopped taking PIO and OCI application for a month (in Feb-Mar time frame) and now they are either heavily backlogged (as we are nearing the vacation season) or just that Travisa has no clue of thier act

    Travisa is horrible !!

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  • tabletpc
    03-31 09:35 AM
    Again I did not get any response for my query. Looks like members here are more into GC stuff than other issues. Anyway as always, I contacted chennai consualte to learn more about my concern, here comes their reply. I hope this will be helpfull to someone wout their .
    Knowledge is waste, if not shared...!!!!
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your email.

    Once you take a confirmed appointment, modifications in terms of adding a new applicant cannot be made. However, you may cancel your existing appointment and then apply together as a family. (The Consulate encourages applicants to schedule appointment together).
    Please note that canceling your appointment for a second time would lead to deactivation of your receipt for the next 90 days.

    Kindly note that the modifications on Q.No 1 to 14 in DS-156 cannot be made, either you need to cancel the appointment and schedule a new appointment or you could go ahead with your appointment and inform the consular officer of the same wherein the final decision would be that of the consular officer.
    You can cancel your appointment only two times. After the second cancellation your HDFC Visa Fee Receipt is deactivated for 90 calendar days. You will not be able to book another appointment until the 90 days have passed.

    Thanking you

    VFS Team3

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  • bigboy007
    11-01 11:40 AM
    Hello i am running in to issues of how to get address changed. To give you guys previews. We were residing in Chicago till July ending. In August we moved to CT as my wife got a new job there. But since my work location is in IL , I requested my employer whether its possible to work remotely and its ok by law. He said u can change ur residential address and there is no need to amend LCa/H1b as there is no change in work location in my case. Fine for now.

    I recently visited CT DMV and requested for CT state license. They denied to me saying that i need a CT employer letter or My employer should issue letter to DMV stating my work location changed. Neither of these are going to happen. For now i have my license and Plate from IL itself. I can still continue to maintain but renewing Plates and Pollution test are pain being in CT any ideas please ?

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  • bayarea07
    07-11 01:48 PM
    Can you plese tell me the procedure to apply for I-131

    i did this exactly, where my lawyer filed my ead, but i filed my ap myself. all u need is i-485 receipt copy.


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  • MiniCooperS123
    July 22nd, 2004, 03:19 PM
    I own a couple of lenses for a canon camera and would like to get a Nikon D70. Something that would greatly encourage me to do so would be if I could use my current lenses with the D70. I have found some adapters but I have no clue which one I would need. One lens is a Canon EF 28-80mm and the other is a Sigma 100-300mm if that helps. Hopefully somebody here knows. The staff at camera shops usually never respond to my emails, unless I have bought something or I tell them i am going to buy something from them soon. :rolleyes:

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  • spaceguy
    07-21 10:29 PM
    Can anyone please reply.

    Your wife can apply for SSN and can work on using EAD. This will not affect your status. You can still work on H1.


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  • lskreddy
    01-13 12:25 AM
    I know of a friend who had his grand parents visit him recently and they had no trouble. When asked, I was told they mentioned they wanted to take a trip to see their grandson while they could. All the best.

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  • vinmes
    10-23 02:47 PM
    Bono, did you ever visit to offer your voice over services? You can put your demos there and those needing voice actors can find you. Good luck.


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  • djmaddy
    07-17 03:32 PM
    Looks cool man!

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  • indio0617
    01-30 12:22 PM
    You need your employer's approval, without them you cannot change the attorney. If employer's says yes, then you can switch attorney.

    Munna Bhai:

    When you say "You need your employer's approval, without them you cannot change the attorney" Do you mean that they have to sign the new G28 forms ? Can you clarify ?



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  • theshiningsun
    06-17 10:10 PM
    thx for ur inputs newbie2020. yes, i know that it is a conditional GC to start with.

    my concern was - as far as i know, i cannot work actively for my own business on H-1B. hence i wanted to know if i could continue working on H-1B, apply for GC under EB-5 and then start the business after getting it.

    attorneys, do u hv anything to add to what newbie2020 has said?


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  • aachoo
    08-21 04:12 AM
    Do I have to pay for my green card again if the INS made a mistake on my birthday? Need to know if there are any under the table jobs in Lake Havasu City,AZ. My green card expired in 2004. I have an AZ license and a social security card. Can I work with expired card? Please help!

    Sorry not sure you will find advice or support here- This is a LEGAL immigration site.


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  • chanduv23
    10-20 09:10 PM

    Like me all July filers would get off the H1-B hook come this Jan. I am assuming everybody would use newly gained freedom of EAD to switch employer or jobs. So far, not many employers like to get involved in H1 hassels ( espcialy in midwest), so recruiters had good business by hiring engineers at low rate and syphoning off majority share of the pay check.

    But now, with 180 days (less than 75 days) limit over, all EAD holders are free to switch employers of jobs ( I know in same or similar capacity ... but that's not the point). The point is what would be the effect on current business contracting companies have? What would be the effect of EAD on their cost models and consistent revenues?

    Not saying they would cease to exsist, as H1B's would still need them. But isn't new and bold demands from engineers like me going to affect their margins? ...What do you think?

    It is true with Tri State hiring agencies also, all top tier firms with direct clients are trying to reduce layers by directly enrolling you on EAD - so come January - we will see a lot of people jumping.

    Thsi is healthy for the candidate. H1b shops will have their own ways of doing business and will deifnitely see some challenge

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  • solaris27
    07-19 10:43 AM

    Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Nebraska Service Center
    P.O. Box 87485
    Lincoln, NE 68501

    Dear <<NAME>:

    This letter is to confirm that <COMPANY NAME> currently employs and intends to offer permanent
    full time employment to <YOUR NAME> as an <DESIGNATION> at a salary of <SALARY>. He began employment
    with us on [insert date].

    His job duties are: [insert the job duties].

    If you have any questions regarding this application, please do not hesitate to contact me.




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    09-27 07:36 AM
    My Father is applying for Citizenship in Nov 10. If he becomes Citizen then can I file I485 under F3(married sons and daughters of citizen parents). Category and port priority date of May 03 from my employment base I-485 to I-485 under F3?

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  • va_dude
    05-06 02:53 PM
    Most states would have domicile requirements that require you to have resided in the state for x number of months/years.

    It could be as little as 1 year.

    In VA its 1 year.


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  • Humhongekamyab
    10-29 02:34 PM
    Mine charged $750.

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  • marwan234
    08-10 07:57 PM
    they might post it late on friday as they have been working overtime. wait for it. it's weekly....isn't it? maybe tomorrow. they have been working saturdays. contractors love overtime.

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  • zxcvb
    07-23 09:17 PM
    If they reject the application if a signature or something is missing. Can we refile again? Or do we wait for PD to become current again.

    07-26 07:35 PM
    My brother is in Toronto, Canada for a conference. He has an H1B extension which is not stamped. At the US airport before boarding the toronto flight they took his old expired I-94 (from previous H1B). He currently has his I-797 (H1B) petition that has the I-94 at the end.

    1) Can he use that I-94 to enter the US (his new H1B extension is not stamped). His stay is only for 4 days in Toronto.
    2) If not then what are his other options (except for H1B stamping as there are no dates in toronto)

    Would appreciate any advice as soon as possible.


    11-16 04:48 PM
    I'm on my OPT, basically student F1 visa.

    The thing is the company where I work is ready to sponsor me. They only don't know which occupation to write for me in order to be eligible for H1B.

    I'm working over there on administrative position and doing various accounting things.



    Which specialization did you do in masters (assuming you have done masters on F1)

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