Sunday, July 3, 2011

Black And White Butterfly Clipart

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  • 2011 hot Butterfly Clip Art.

  • deeru
    04-02 12:55 PM

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  • pictures Black And White Grape

    12-12 01:09 PM
    Thanks Nashorn..

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  • stock photo : Black and white

  • piyu7444
    11-12 12:51 AM
    I had not seen the other post and now I got your attention........I will surely mail the letters.

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  • CADude
    07-27 01:16 PM
    You are OK per Q25 of USCIS FAQ. Hope this help.

    Because, if my applications(I-140 & I-485) reached today(Friday) I am safe as I have included the old filing fees for I-140. If the receipt date is Monday(July 30th), then USCIS would expect me to pay the new fees for I-140. Hence my concern.


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  • squishy
    05-10 03:55 PM
    I like it :hugegrin:

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  • kaisersose
    07-17 09:35 PM
    Your lawyer is correct and so you are fine. There is no requirement that 140 has to be complete to apply for 485 even in substitution cases. People just choose to do it that way as substitution is slightly risky.

    However, as long as you have a solid case, there is nothing to worry.


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  • Black And White Butterfly

  • visa_reval
    06-22 06:31 PM
    You can definately get a 1 year extension based on the fact that your labor is approved and is more that 365 days before your h1, 6 year limit ended. You can also port your I-140 PD if you have a copy of the I-140. This you can do when you file for I-140 with the new company. With regards to a 3 year extension with the new company "Y", there is no clear ruling on this. But you can try for a 3 year extension, and you might get it if you are lucky ( I've read that people were able to get it).

    Please check with a good attorney like Rajiv or Murthy.

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  • njboy
    03-13 10:21 AM
    here are the visa numbers used in 2006 for EB2 and EB3.

    EB-2: India(3,720), China(3,347), Canada(1,248)

    EB-3 Skilled: Mexico(6,766), Korea(4,375), Philippines(4,114), Ecuador(3,747), Brazil(3,670), Poland(3,230), India(3,006), China(2,477), Pakistan(2,091)

    Assuming there are atleast 300K Indians waiting for visa numbers in the EB2 + EB3 category (including dependents) and 6726 out of them were covered last year, we will have to wait for just another 44 years and 7 months to get an immigrant visa number. LOL


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  • nrk
    11-02 12:31 PM
    It is a good sign for sure.
    I don't know about F/P notice, but for sure it can not be RFE
    i believe pre-adjudication does not even show on the status.

    It is a good sign, you are still in the system!!
    (1) It is most likely 2nd F/P notice or an RFE. It could mean that your case is being pre-adjudicated.

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  • coolpal
    04-14 11:49 AM
    Are you working for your new employer now? (I assume not).
    Is you new employer a consultancy, i.e, your final work assignment will be for another client... if so, then you should expect a RFE (not gauranteed, but most likely) regarding client details and contracts... assuming you fall under this category, I would suggest you to apply for premium processing if you are able to respond to such an RFE...

    But otherwise, I wouldn't recommend using premium processing, since you are almost 6 months away from expiry....

    pal :)


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-19 09:06 AM
    How long is the AP valid? And does the clock start ticking from the date of AP application or from the date of AP approval?

    AP valid :1 year from the issuance.
    Not sure , we filed on June 1st I will let you know once I get AP.

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  • Fl4SH'ER
    04-19 12:17 AM
    now u guys made me hungry... fark...


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  • Butters
    04-24 06:34 PM

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  • jimithing
    02-19 05:02 PM
    Hi folks. My wife is petitioning for my green card and we are kind of stuck on a few questions. Hope someone can help us with some or all of these queries we have.

    1. Part C q#10 - I arrived in the US in 2004 on an F1 visa. Now, I'm on H1B status. I don't believe I have ever been given an alien registration number. Am I wrong?
    2. Part C q#14 - Do I say I arrived as a student even though I am currently on H1-B? If so, I don't have that I-94 anymore. It was taken by the airline when I left to get my H1-B stamped. Also, I have travelled extensively for work ever since I started my job. Consequently, I have two I94's. This is because I recently renewed my passport and when I went to Canada for business, upon returning they gave me a new I-94 (the previous I-94 is still in my old passport). So, what do i say i arrived as? And which I-94 number should I provide? Also, the format of the I-94 number on the top of the card seems to be different from that on the application ie. xxx-xxxxxxxx???
    3. Part C q#19 and 20 - I don't really have any relatives in my home country anymore. Do I still have to give an address? Also, I can't write my name in my native language either. What do i do?
    4. Part C q#22 - The instructions for I-485 say that if I am filing concurrently then I should mail everything to their lockbox address in Chicago. So, do I enter Chicago, IL here? or my current city, state of residence?

    1. Part 3 - Non Immigrant visa number? I don't see this particular number anywhere on my H1-B visa. Can anyone help me locate this??

    Thank you in advance for your help.




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  • tempdb
    06-18 02:18 PM
    I got same status too.. Mine was in Texas.. It has been moved to National Benefits Center

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  • mrajatish
    03-28 11:38 PM
    Get your 140 approved and then move,


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  • Hello_Hello
    10-28 06:19 PM
    It is have to give the tax sooner or later, what is your concern ? If your company is not allowing and are stupid enough to withhold money, have them withhold more money and take it back from the Fed. next year, what is the big deal ?

    I recently change employer on EAD in NJ and new employer is saying that I can't claim withholding allowance for dependents on EAD; I had no issue with my previous employer and was claiming 6 withholding allowances; I told them that my previous payroll processor was ADP and none of my friends on EAD had any issues claiming dependents; They are saying that this is new 2010 rule change and you need to have GC for it. I told them that all dependents have SSN and passes 182 days resident alien test rule..they are not agreed..Is it true? Please let me/send any links/information to prove it...

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  • yogi13
    06-28 10:24 AM
    My wife have a birth certificate from the muncipality. The birth was registered soon after she was born and her parents named her before registration so there are no issues as far as late registration or "no name" is concerned. The only concern I have is that the birth certificate mentions only the first names of her and her mother although her father's full name is mentioned. Will this be a problem. The muncipalities in India register the birth in this manner, their explanation being that a child's full name is his/her first name followed by the father's full name. Similarly a married woman's full name is her first name followed by the husband's full name. I know this is not necessarily true in the USA. So I was wondering if this might be a problem.
    Is there anyone in this forum who had a similar situation and their certificate worked?

    Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated.

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  • eb3India
    08-22 09:38 AM
    I have been following IV ever since itz inception and I really appreciate all the efforts by volunters.

    However, I feel we have up-hill battle in this current political and economical situation and we need to re-think about startergies and solving current retrogession.

    I just want initiate brainstorm, I am not sure if these ideas are discussed before,

    Having seen how CIR bill is killed in House, I am very doubtfull about SKILL bill getting passed in house.

    getting any pro-immigration (legal/illegal) is a long processes, so can we need to focus on what we can do to reduce the retrogression within current legal framework

    lobby senators to enforce USICS on following

    - Reduce time taken for Security Checks
    - Try to consider 245i cases in a different catagory than EB3
    - Try recapture unused visa numbers from 2003-04-05
    - issue EAD/AP for three years
    - remvoe per country quota
    - allow to apply for I485 if I140 is approved, ( I know this is controvesial but we can try)

    These simple things could reduce retrogression if not completly resolved

    04-04 03:37 AM
    Just in case you missed my other post
    On the Agenda:-

    Meeting the lawmakers - who, how and when?

    pm or email me at tamsen(at) me for conference call number and bridge number

    For more IV info on meeting lawmakers, see logiclife's post

    07-11 01:48 PM
    I dont know if it was EB2 or EB3... Well filed concurrently on june 30, arrive at NSC on july2.. lets see what happens now... :confused:

    Labor PD Mar 2005

    congrats. was it EB2 or EB3?

    All the best with I-140 (and hopefully a concurrent I-485 depending on how dates move in July :) )

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