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  • voicerj
    05-12 02:18 PM

    Is it possible to file I-140 without joining the employer? Can one join the employer after the PERM and I-140 are approved? Any risks in this case?


    To my knowledge, you can definitely get your I-140 filed without Joining the employer as i know of some folks who have done that. But incase you are in the country and file I-485 when you dates become current, you have to be with the employer who files your I-485

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  • vrbest
    12-16 08:49 AM
    This is not true.. First time H4 when the dependant is on in US will NOT have I797. They just go to consulate with spouse's H1B to get H4 Stamped. I-797 for H4 will be received when H4 is extended with H1 here in US. That is what we also have and I have done 3 extensions/stamping for H1/H4 already with no issues

    You said she got a H4 stamp when she first came to the US based on your H1B. That could not be true. She must had a I-797 approval notice of her H4.

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  • puvathoor
    04-08 03:30 PM
    Agree with the post above.. Lots of H1Bs are filed by unscrupulous employers who bring a person on H1B and don't pay them till they get a contract / client to bill the H1B to..

    USCIS needs to investigate this.. Time to write to USCIS to be more vigilant in monitoring these firms to ensure real people with real jobs out there can get the H1Bs

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  • ziggy7bs
    03-14 01:20 PM
    Have you filed i-140?


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  • raviram1980
    01-18 02:31 AM
    hi all,

    I wrote a thread earlier saying I want to withdraw application for my H-1B stamping since it is stuck in admin processing and I will now travel using my AP. I called up the embassy asking them about the procedure and they told me to email at and requesting withdrawing the case. Do I need to explain to them that I want to travel back and I will do it on AP . Also do I need to tell things like I am needed urgently back to join my work.

    Please let me know,



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  • andycool
    07-20 01:48 PM
    As per this chart, wait for getting a GC in the US is as follows:

    6 months wait - 75 yrs old Kenyan, son a US citizen
    3 yrs wait - 24 yrs old Iraqi, translator, US military
    6 yrs wait - 35 yrs old South African, computer programmer
    6 yrs wait - 25 yrs old Venezuelan, student, father a US citizen
    10 yrs wait - 31 yrs old, Chinese, a factory worker
    20 yrs wait - 25 yrs old Filipino, student
    35 yrs wait - 35 yrs old Indian, computer programmer
    131 yrs wait - 30 yrs old Mexican, H.S. diploma, sister a US citizen

    Source: Department of State; US Citizenship & Immigration Services

    wow ...35 Year wait for a India Programmer per DOS :D


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  • IneedAllGreen
    06-18 12:41 AM
    Its alright most of the time USCIS looks for last year or last 2 years tax return. I think W-2 is good enough to prove that you are eligible for Tax return.

    Hi everyone,

    I have 2004 W2 but cant seem to find my tax return. I have 2003, 2005, 2006tax returns but not 2004. What can I do to get that return. Please any advice will be appreciated.


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  • validIV
    03-17 01:23 PM
    Actually yes you do fall under the 2nd Section in the link I posted. I stand corrected.


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  • eb3retro
    06-07 06:03 PM
    Can anyone tell when will EB3 India crossover to May 2001 from April 2001 without any new law.

    let me try to guess this..mmm..tough question though, assuming they take 1 month to move one day..earliest would be in another 30 months..just kidding.. though i wont be surprised, even if it happens that one know what is their freakin calculation to move these dates.

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  • forgerator
    01-19 08:35 AM
    I forgot to post my update - I actually did get my appointment with ( . They got me the appointment about 2 days after I signed up, and I got my stamping done in Toronto on Dec 16th. I also chose Montreal as backup but got my original choice. Good luck to people stamping visas in canada. it is much easier and faster than going back to the home country.

    Do you know how much Xvars is charging for this process? I might try it out as well.


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  • grupak
    03-28 05:45 PM
    Thank you. So we do have to answer "Yes" to all the 3 questions!

    I think so, if an I-485 has been applied for the dependent.

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  • monkeyman
    08-30 02:11 PM
    I applied my 485 as a single on July 17th.
    I got married and then applied my spouse's on Aug 16th.

    Since I am married now, will that cause my application to get rejected as I applied as Single.

    I am not sure how would this be handled at USCIS end ?

    Any idea ?

    Should not have any impact - your spouse will receive a conditional GC if her GC comes within two years of your marriage. You shall (as a primary member) receive a 10 year GC. You will need to file for your wife again to remove the conditions after completing two years of your marriage. No big deal. Just chill and attend the rally. No one can tell you how long will it take it to get your actual GC though.


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  • zimmy100
    04-06 02:16 AM
    Thanks for the Tip, I will schedule their interiview from India. I felt better not take any chance.

    Again thanks for your time.

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  • ch102
    02-22 08:43 AM
    Over 500 Indian guest workers sue US company for human trafficking - The Times of India (

    HOUSTON: Lawyers for a group of Indian guest workers, trafficked to the US from India to work in shipyards after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, have sued an American company, Signal International, along with its co-conspirators and other entities for human trafficking and racketeering.

    If class status is granted, the lawsuit could be the largest human trafficking case in US history, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has said in a statement.

    Workers were allegedly lured here with dishonest assurances of becoming lawful permanent US residents, the statement said.

    The ACLU joined a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of over 500 guest workers from India charging that the workers were trafficked into the US through the federal government's H-2B guest worker programme with dishonest assurances of becoming lawful permanent US residents and subjected to squalid living conditions, fraudulent payment practises, and threats of serious harm upon their arrival.

    The complaint alleges that recruiting agents hired by the marine industry company Signal International held the guest workers' passports and visas, coerced them into paying extraordinary fees for recruitment, immigration processing and travel, and threatened the workers with serious legal and physical harm if they did not work under the Signal-restricted guest worker visa.

    The complaint also alleges that once in the US, the men were required to live in Signal's guarded, over crowded labour camps, subjected to psychological abuse and defrauded out of adequate payment for their work.

    The ACLU charges that the federal government has fallen short of its responsibility to protect the rights of guest workers in this country.

    According to the lawsuit, the treatment of the workers violates the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA) and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act (RICO).

    In addition to the federal court litigation, in partnership with the ACLU, the workers have testified before the UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, the UN special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, and senior staff at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

    Signal, a marine and fabrication company with shipyards in Mississippi, Texas and Alabama, is a subcontractor for several major multinational companies.


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  • ns521
    12-20 08:27 AM
    My wife changed her status from B2 to H1 in US.Her H1 was approved without any problems.Could that cause any probelms in the future when she applies for green card.What is the chance to get her H1 denied in the consulate if she travels abroad because she changed from visitor to work visa in US?

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  • vin13
    01-30 08:52 AM
    H1 getting cancelled should not affect your Green Card.

    You should be able to change as many times as you want. There is no rule. I have changed jobs twice using AC21.

    Keep a copy of the AC21 letter and pay stubs, that was submitted by the lawyer for your reference.

    There are no clear guidelines or rules for using AC21. As you may already know, there is no need for submitting the AC 21 letter either. So use your judgement.As long as you are working in the similar job type GC process should go fine.


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  • Rockford
    06-24 12:57 AM
    Whats your point? This is not a medical forum :)

    BTW, its PPD test and I know quite a few people of Indian origin who had to go for the X-ray. Follow some of the other threads on this forum as well.

    You are little too quick my friend, I did not complete my post by the time you replied. I wasn't sure that others can see my post while I was still creating (typing) my poll.

    I am trying to get a sense of how many people are getting positive reaction. I am hoping this thread might give exposure about people harassed by uninformed or under informed civil surgeons/ health dept officials about the impact of BCG on PDP test. I see different interpretation of test results.

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    12-16 07:52 PM
    Thanks for the immediate response Go Guy!!!

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  • roseball
    08-19 09:02 AM
    If the priority dates are not current for the category in which your parents are seeking a green card, then they will have to wait for the priority dates to become current before they can apply I-485. You can check the Visa Bulletin for more info.

    07-19 12:08 AM

    In order to avoid any confusion like this I provided an Affidavit rather than my birth certificate. [In my case the birth certificate does not has any name as normally the naming function will take place after 10th day only].


    11-25 09:39 PM
    hm, didn't know that. Thanks Wandmaker.

    Am assuming that in this case clarify has to get his part time employer to file for a NEW h1, which ofcourse means he is under the h1b quota, which was exhausted on the first day they started accepting it for 2008.

    So I guess clarify is better off with his EAD.


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