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  • rajuseattle
    04-28 04:03 PM

    Very good advice to young EB-3 folks.

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  • vikki76
    07-19 08:36 PM
    If you have copy of approved I-140, then your priority date would be mentioned there.

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  • glub
    02-23 01:30 PM
    People may already know this, but just to highlight it for people who don't - here is the "Resources to meet lawmakers" page: http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=53&Itemid=36

    Great stuff...

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  • sundarpn
    04-20 01:24 PM

    Are you doing a COS from H4 to F-1 or is your spouse going to India and getting F-1 stamped directly?

    If one applied for a new F-1 at the consulate and for whatever reason F-1 is denied, can she return back on H-4 visa that's already stamped.?

    The F-1 at the consulate - you get to know immediately rather than wait in limbo for H4 to F-1 COS.

    And if H4 to F-1 COS get approved in the middle of a semester when one is taking less then full time load, what happens?


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  • ppt.b
    07-17 06:37 PM
    not as long as I see it on USCIS website..
    Thisis Murthy website...

    Thine wish is granted! Check USCIS website

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  • MartinR
    February 16th, 2005, 03:14 AM
    I have found a site that calculates the focal length:


    I have just checked the focal length at the wide angle end of the scale using a tape measure and got surprisingly close (7.02mm) agreement with the manufacturer's figure (7mm). With that, I can now find where on the scale the standard (50mm) length would be - just for interest's sake.

    Many thanks to everyone for their help.



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  • Sachin_Stock
    02-02 07:06 PM
    Content removed.

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  • logiclife
    04-19 02:01 PM
    I would advise against going outside of your district to apply.

    If you are going to go via drop-box then they may not even accept your applications for stamping based on your Kerala address on your form for H1. If they do, they could very well reject it and ask you to go to Chennai consulate.

    Why would you want to risk that?


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    06-25 11:10 AM
    Please take the above poll.

    In my case, company is paying for me alone. I have to pay attorney fee and filing fee for my wife.

    This varies from company to company. Mine, company pays all attorney fees. I have to pay for EAD and Advance Parole USCIS fees. Their argument is valid, they say that they pay for GC process. EAD and AP are not required as they are paying for my H1. Still they pay attorney charges for EAD and AP.

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  • jscris
    July 18th, 2004, 10:43 AM
    Nice! I think I like the second better, too.


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  • sunty
    11-05 03:37 PM
    You are not as bad as you think. Read USCIS guidance on the subject. If your I-140 is not approved by 180 days, you can still use AC21. In that case, the adjudicator while looking at your I-485, sees if filed I-140 was approvable. If so, you are good to go, provided you can prove that you have a new same/similar job offer.

    For USCIS guidance see Page 3, Q1 at: http://www.ilw.com/immigdaily/news/2005,0520-ac21.pdf

    Thanks jsb....I didn't know this....But I think its still better if I wait for 140 approval...Then atleast one other uncertainty will be removed from my GC journey...Hopefully it would only take a month or two more than normal processing time for my 140...If it gets delayed further, then I might use it anyways..It's nice to know though that I have an option..Thanks again

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  • glus
    05-10 07:23 PM
    Nothing is "forever." If you hire a good attorney, he/she can argue, that you did have immigrant intent in the past, but have abandoned it and will try to get you a visa. However, without a good lawyer, it may be very difficult to persuade a consular officer that you no longer wish to immigrate to the U.S. after entering here. Contact me via PM if you wish and I can get you in touch with attorney who can answer more questions of yours. Thanx.


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  • shx
    09-28 01:03 AM

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  • narendra_modi
    07-07 01:48 PM
    If you have not yet received any RFE, you are a lucky person and your I-485 application has been filed perfectly. As per USCIS announcements, they have almost completed (99.99%) review of all pending AOS cases and pre-adjudicated most of them. I will presume that your case has been pre-adjudicated and all set to go Green whenever visa number is available.

    One way to find out whether your case been pre-adjudicated is to call USCIS thro POJ method and talk to a IO (not customer service person) and they will be able to tell you.

    Thanks for reply, if you don't mind, do you have the USCISs' announcement link about this pre-adjudication ? Does it say those who pre-adjudicated will not get any future RFE/Denials ?


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  • Green.Tech
    07-18 01:37 PM
    It's hard to predict EB-2 vs. EB-3 movement but I would think that an earlier PD is the way to go.

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  • mihird
    11-17 03:31 PM
    You should check the latest visa bulletin from DOS..so you won't be able to file 140 & 485 concurrently...


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  • gcwaiting17
    10-14 11:55 PM
    still waiting for FP ...

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  • spicy_guy
    08-05 01:35 PM
    It auto-converts all H1Bs and EADs into Green Cards effective immediately. :)

    Nice! :D The no need to go through GC process, Labor, 140, etc. Just H1 is enough to get GC. ;-)

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  • cdeneo
    01-08 05:53 PM
    If one has applied for AOS and received EAD/AP in the maiden name, should one wait or just get the name changed before I-485 is approved?

    Once the name has been changed on the passport and SSN, what should be done to get the name changed on the AOS application and EAD/AP?

    I would really appreciate your insight into this - Thanks!

    If you decide to change the last name and if you plan right all of it can be done within 1 week (speaking from experience. changed spouse's last name after 2 years of marriage and it was damn easy).

    First plan where changing it is priority..something like:

    > Financial (Banks, credit cards, brokers etc.)
    > US Govt Agencies
    Immigration (Since you have applied for AoS, might wait)
    IRS (will be changed with a new return)
    Local towns (only if necessary)
    DMV - License
    > Passport
    > Workplace

    then let the spouse make a notarized affidavit that says that she is making the declaration that I am the same as "old name" and "new name" and that I am making this declaration to change the name in official records, agencies etc.

    Put new and old signatures and notarize it. Take the affidavit, marriage certificate (assuming that marriage is the reason for change) and then it is a simple cakewalk whereever you go.

    SSN as others mentioned would be the first step, second comes passport, with both of these in new name, DL is easy.

    The more you wait wider would be the penetration of the old name. That said if ones spouse wants it changed and doesn't do it now, guess will never do it. Sometimes it is only a mental block that it would be tough...thousands get married, thousands change their name. It is a well known issue ;)

    Good luck !

    12-20 11:39 AM

    05-19 06:04 PM
    Hi kumhyd2,

    I am in same boat. What i am thinking is, just work for that employer
    for say 1 year or so and then invoke AC21. Then you should have any issues.

    My 2 cents.


    I 140 : approved last month
    I 485 : July 07 filer passed 180 days
    GC Process : Substition Labor / Future employment

    The future employer is threatening to withdraw the I 140 if I dont comply with his financial terms.

    I heard that if I 140 is approved and 485 is pending for 180 days, even if the employer withdraws I140 , there isn't much we need to worry. Is this true. currently on h1 which is expiring next month 6th. To convert to EAD do I need to do anything specific and send an update to USCIS?

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