Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • gcnirvana
    05-03 05:46 PM
    I am a little confused. I just got my H1B extension done recently and my attorney sent me a letter saying that if I go out of the country for stamping I need to make sure my Passport is valid beyond the H1B period.

    My passport expires in May 2008 and my current H1 is valid till July 2010. Does anyone see any issues in going for stamping in India in July 2007 with my current passport and later on some time next year applying for a new Indian passport.

    Appreciate your help

    Your passport should be valid atleast 6 months from the date of stamping. So I think you should be okay. Also, its better to apply for a new passport 6 months before your old one expires. And once you get your new passport you'll have to carry both your new and the old ones as your old one will have the stamping till July 2010. Hope this helps!

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  • Dbms+notes Write is hosted at shared manipal university result marks

  • immigration1111
    08-12 10:35 PM

    My wife and I applied for the AOS (I-485, EAD and AP for my wife and I-485 for me). I was wondering

    1. As to who will receive the receipt number? Will my attornery receive it or will I receive it?

    2. Will it be a letter or an email from USCIS?

    3. I am the primary applicant. My wife may be offered a permanent position with the company she is working for on a consultant basis. Now the question is - Can she take the offer before her EAD is approved? I mean to say - Can she transfer her H1B processed for the company? Will she have any problem with the AOS application as her paper work (new I797) is changing? We are very confused with this.

    Really appreciate your answers!

    Thank you very much!

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  • va007
    05-04 04:46 PM
    Hi, I am on At Will Employment, employer laid off on April 30 2009. I had seen in discussions, if employer laid off we an ask him for Return Flight Tickets. I need to confirm because i was on At Will Employment.
    Plz reply me soon

    Hi, I am on At Will Employment, employer laid off on April 30 2009. I had seen in discussions, if employer laid off we an ask him for Return Flight Tickets. I need to confirm because i was on At Will Employment.
    Plz reply me soon

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  • ameryki
    06-26 05:19 PM
    Hi All,
    I am planning to paper file my wife's EAD renewal and AP for both me and my wife.
    1. Can anyone who paper filed recently post information on filing EAD/AP
    2. Since my wife filed for I-485 last year and paid $1010 fees,she falls under FEE WAIVER for both EAD and AP-I believe she can renew EAD/AP unlimited till she gets GC?
    3. Can someone post what did they do additional for filing as FEE WAIVER?

    Any detailed steps on paper filing with FEE WAIVER would be great.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


    mate no offense intended but if you do a search for this you will find all the info ready to be read for ya. So please take the time to do so. Some quick answers no you do not need to pay for EAD/AP renewal if you paid using the new fee structure. Also no additional info needed when you send a copy of your 485 receipt notice it states all the required info to support the no fees.


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  • Rune
    October 24th, 2004, 09:18 AM seems to have a list of various studio strobes and their voltages.

    Note that ISO 10330 specifies 24V, so ideally the camera ought to handle that much. have additional information. (including a link to Wein Safe-Sync HS which you can use in case you want to make absolutely sure your camera is safe)

    As for E-TTL, with studio strobes you'll end up using a flashmeter. E-TTL does not factor into the equation.

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  • payal_nag
    11-27 02:29 PM
    I've read at the vfs website and also the forums that Returning US Workers are qualified to apply for Emergency appoitment. Has anyone on this forum done this and successfully got visa stamped ? Also is there any document needed to support the emergency or just the fact that we have to return to the job is enough to qualify for this category?



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  • India76
    03-01 09:21 PM
    :confused: Hello All,

    I am preparing documents to send to my parents for Visitors Visa.
    My Question: If lets say my parents go to the US Embassy sometime in March and if their visa get stamped for lets say for 2 months. When that 2 months time start? is it going to start from the day their visa got stamped or when they get I-94 card at US airport?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

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  • immigrationaccount
    08-14 02:12 PM
    As per the new visa bulletin, my PD (Mar/26/2006) goes current from 1/September.

    My husband is the primary applicant on the case with me and son as dependents.

    485s submitted in Sep/2007. We received RFE for my son application and replied, we received update from USCIS that it reached them in July/2009.

    USCIS web case status shows 'initial review' for me and my husband, 'RFE response review' for my son.

    As we filed together, does this mean that all three applications were processed and RFE was required only for my son?

    Thanks for all your inputs, being a great help.


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  • jtravers
    04-01 11:12 PM
    Actually folks staying in the UAE can apply to the U.S. consulate there even if they are not local citizens of UAE. The disadvantage of applying in the consulate in UAE is that the visa will be slated to expire when the UAE visa expires. Logic being that if your status in the UAE expires, your US visa expires. In addition, chances of rejection are higher since the only local tie you have to the UAE is your job.

    I would try to see if you could go to your home country and apply. If it is urgent, then you would want to try the US consulate in UAE.

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  • adhantari
    08-13 03:01 PM
    I have an idea. We can make following proposal to lawmakers....

    In next 2 years they can sunset EB3 catagory. In exchange for that they will give visa numbers enough for everyone whose EB3 485 is pending or in pipeline(labor, 140)

    What you guys think of this idea?

    Anyways there are lot of people who just want to keep EB1 and EB2 catagories. We may get support from them with this proposal......


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  • Dhundhun
    07-21 09:32 PM
    A quick question for all you experts out there

    My wife is on H4 right now and I am on H1, though we got our EAD last year, but I am still using my H1 and not used my EAD yet, So is it possible to apply for Social Security for my wife, will applying for Social Security Number, considered as using EAD and H1 becomes void.

    Use of EAD to get SSN is OK. Don't use EAD for work.

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  • razis123
    03-27 05:28 PM
    The expenses for a normal delivery would be between 10-15000$ if everything goes fine.Medicare help is from federal so it would be better if its not taken risking the GC.Usually the hospitals gives some break depending upon family income, so even if its 50% its not bad.Else going to home country but at this stage doesnt look wise.


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  • glus
    03-27 07:47 AM

    I have a pretty simple question.

    A person decides to change employers, moving from company A to company B. It's been 180 days after 485 filing.

    Question: what does company B have to do to legally take this person on as full time employee? Is the process any different than taking any other american resident employee? The way I understand is it is not any different.

    Please advise,

    Nothing. The employee must have EAD. That's all. Also, the employee should, but does not have to, ask for a letter with duties to be sent to USCIS to keep USCIS informed of the change.

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  • sr1973
    07-23 12:10 AM
    Now that Aug is coming up, please post all the 485 LUDs that you have been seeing after 07/18/2008. This will help us getting the pattern, in case USCIS shall auto order the Card production.


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  • adhantari
    06-16 03:26 PM
    6 to 1...... maybe L1 guys don't visit this forum since they already got thier GCs....:rolleyes:
    H1 loosers still hanging here.....

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  • roseball
    02-28 12:56 AM
    Is that normal to have the same I-94 number on my renewed H1B and my wife's H4 approval notices?

    Seems it is a mistake that my old I 94 is given in H4 extension application. Do I need to apply for correction? Any Lawyer / Member, please confirm. Thanks in advance.

    I-94 is what determines your legal stay in the US. Since you get an I-94 only during your entry into the US, it is normal to get the same I-94# on any subsequent extension of status applications filed within the US. Your attached I-94s on the I-797 approval notice are proof of your continuous status since your white I-94 cards might be expired. But do keep the original white I-94 cards with you as you are supposed to return them along with the new I-94s attached to I-797 notices, when you leave the country.


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  • eb3_nepa
    10-27 05:14 PM
    we can pay more fees if they can process our cases fast.:) :) :)

    Unfortunately that is not how it works at USCIS. They increase the fees WITHOUT any increase in service/performance.

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  • sendmailtojk
    11-11 09:49 PM
    My son was > 21 years of age when my I-140 was applied (Aug 07). So I guess I can forget it.

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  • sachya
    08-19 05:30 PM
    Thanks all for your responses.

    He got his passport with a stamped Visa y'day.

    The long wait has finally paid off.

    08-22 04:39 PM
    I have whole study..where should I upload it...
    I don't have link..

    09-03 08:22 PM

    My 140 is approved. My H1b is already extended for 3 years.

    1) Can my spouses H1b get 7th year extension based on this?

    I actually did get a H-1B extension once based on the fact that the spouse (also H-1B) had an approved I-140 priority date that was backlogged. It was an unusual approval, and surprised the other attorneys (including partners) where I was working. It's not guaranteed, but worth a try if there is no other option to work.

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