Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Berkeleybee
    04-06 11:25 AM
    It was my understanding that in the current context when people say "Hagel bill" they are talking about the "Hagel-Martinez" compromise on guest worker legalization, not the entire old Hagel bill.


    Is there any concrete article/source that suggests this is not the case?


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  • krishmunn
    07-14 03:16 PM
    It used to be required only for Mumbai Consulate. But I think Hyderabad has also started. Please check

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  • seekinggc
    06-19 02:35 PM
    Please reply...I would really appreciate your response guys...

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  • EndlessWait
    01-13 12:01 PM


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-09 02:42 AM
    lol mine is soo bad compared to other people's hehe

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  • sri2007
    05-02 07:17 PM

    I�m in 4th year of H1b and I485 - 180 days completed. I�m looking for full time jobs and many of the companies are asking for EAD for full time jobs and some of my friends suggested use H1b instead of EAD. Pls help me in answering the below questions

    1. What is the problem I will face if I use EAD instead of H1b?
    2. Job titles are most of them are different like Senior Software Engineer, MSI Systems Integrators, Data engineer etc, where as my appointment letter/I140 shows as a Programmer. Will it be difficult to raise AC21 though the some of responsibilities are similar.
    3. Employer can revoke I140 even If I�m working with him and crossed 180 days of I485.

    Please Advice.


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  • thomachan72
    11-03 02:28 PM
    My perm was filed in May 2007 in EB2. Got RFE in July 2007. Replied within 2 weeks. No response since then.

    Can I do anything from my side. Is there any way to contact/request DOL to inquire about the case.

    They are aparently processing audit cases dated September / october 2007 so yours seems strange. I have no idea about how to contact the labor department. Hopefully some one who knows will point you in the right direction.

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  • skd
    06-17 10:57 PM
    I am also in same situation...


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  • jangolouis
    03-19 10:43 AM
    I had to go through the same process last year. The day i went for the interview, there were 3 other PhDs with me to get their H1B stamped. It took me 7 weeks to get the passport back and for others it took longer. Calling embassy will not expedite the process. Call Department of State and ask for the update. I know its frustrating.

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  • mmcmichael
    01-24 05:40 PM
    Yes, It seams to be executing the code and inserting the variables correctly. I also ran ran the microsoft net monitor. I see the first instance of each button pushed but subsequent pushes are not sending the http requests.


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  • shined129
    07-08 08:58 AM
    Yes paid through ssn and paid taxes

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  • ps57002
    12-02 08:27 PM
    Why would one get a LUD on an OLD h1 with no LUD on anything else?

    Just got CRIS email/LUD (no status change) on an old h1b that had no status change since Oct 2004. No LUD on the I140/485 or anything else. Only thing that makes sense to me is that my H1b is about to expire on dec 10 so maybe it has to do with that?

    Anyone else have a similar experience. it's a little nerve wrecking.


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  • BNB326
    08-20 04:05 PM
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I am worried whether i will be able to find a job in this tough situation or not. So if that is possible, i would like to start that route too.

    Any other option?


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  • Krilnon
    06-30 12:29 AM
    I think the idea is that you can choose to make your designs in to actual shirts that you sell… but it's not required as part of the competition.

    In the original t-shirt contest, people were required to put their designs on Cafepress so that people could actually buy the shirts (I have two of them). Kirupa took issue with that this time:
    My main issue with t-shirt designs is that it requires having someone sign-up on cafepress to be able to add their design to a particular t-shirt.

    So, this time, you aren't required to make your shirt purchasable. Hypothetically, you could put it up on Cafepress or another, similar site. I think it'd be cool if everyone did that, but I'm not running the show. :kommie:


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  • kirupa
    02-25 05:04 PM
    You can adjust the movie dimensions in Swift 3D. Create a new movie and select the Layout caption on the left. You will see the Layout section appear with the Width and Height fields. About your second question, I will have to look into that; I have no definite answer right now.

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  • watzgc
    09-19 07:14 PM
    is it for Sub-Labour ? Category ?


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  • clear485
    08-26 02:30 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I have an appeal Pending with AAO for a denied I140 EB3 India 2004, If I withdraw my appeal and refile I140 I know I will loose pending I485 application. but will have ability to extend my h1 in november showing the refiled I140?

    Recently went through the following info....don't know if it helps you or not....

    USCIS Policy on Refiling of I-140 Petition Pending AAO Appeal

    The AILA-USCIS Service Center Operations Office Liaison minute indicates that the USCIS will allow the employers to refile I-140 petition when the denial of I-140 has been appealed and pending before the AAO. However, such refiled I-140 petition will be held in abeyance pending the decision of the AAO for the appealed I-140 petition. It advises that in order to seek the adjudication of the refiled I-140 petition, the employer must withdraw the pending AAO appeal. However, people must understand that such decision should not be made too lightly in that there are a lot of benefits attached to the pending AAO appeal, which will be wiped out once the appeal is withdrawn. Such benefits include AC-21 extension of H-1B nonimmigrant status even beyond the six-year limit. Besides, pending the appeal, the USCIS decision of denial is considered "not final," and there are a number of benefits attached to the situation when the denial is considered not final.

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  • gtg506p
    10-26 09:18 AM
    I will file for my 485 this week. Next week I leave for India for 2 weeks. With the frontlog I wont get my 485 receipt this week. I have valid H1B. When I enter without 485 receipt will that be a problem? Will my 485 be abandoned in case there is problem? Please advice. Thanks.

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  • andhrawala
    05-25 08:12 AM
    I want to travel to India on Advanced Parole and faced with a dilemma whether to take the risk based on my situation.

    I have worked with Company A (Vision Systems) which was indicted in visa fraud last year. They have applied for H1 extension but the extension approval never came. As a result My H1 expired in july 2009 and I have worked till November 2009 with the H1 being pending. Afterwards I moved to another company and started working with them on EAD (applied GC for future employment) and Company A revoked my pending H1.

    My concern is Will I be considered for unauthorized employment for the period of my work with Company A while my H1 was pending from July to Nov 2009.

    I have heard that all these things will be checked at the port of entry while entering on AP. Also, since I worked with Company A which was indicted in visa fraud will it trigger any flags to the officers even though I am not with that company right now.

    I would like to take your advice about this.

    09-05 10:09 PM
    I am writing here for the first time.
    My checks got encashed only for EAD/AP.
    I filed concurrently I140/485 and PD is 2006.
    Can some one tell if this is normal?

    This is thread for I-485 status check with USCIS customer service !!!

    02-16 02:29 PM
    this is not consistent. I just booked appt for my in laws yesterday 54 year old but did not get 157 pop up just 156. hope this helps.

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