Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • shreekarthik
    07-01 07:25 PM
    I had expected some kind of outlook from the recent AILA - DoS liaison that happened in San Antonio. Both Matthew Oh and Sheela Murthy did not report any outlook. But here's an outlook from another lawyer

    Immigration News Flash

    June 27, 2006
    Further Retrogression for Employment-Based Immigrant Visas Anticipated

    At a recent immigration conference in San Antonio, it was reported that the Department of State ("DOS") expects that the EB1 China category will remain current and the EB2 China category to continue advancing. On a less positive note, further delays in the EB1 and EB2 categories for Indian nationals is expected as well as the EB3 category for all nationalities. With the Department of Labor's optimistic projection that the the Backlog Elimination Centers will meet their goal of eliminating its backlog and processing the remaining labor certifications filed pre-PERM implementation by September 2007, the DOS expects severe retrogression in many of the categories, particularly the EB3 categories - across the board. While this report is pure speculation, it does spark concern that applicants will be facing further delays in the permanent residence process. The DOS' Visa Bulletin is released on a monthly basis at Greenberg Traurig will continue to monitor this issue and provide further updates as soon as they are available.

    Looks like it's a long haul for EB3 in general and could be punishing for EB3-IND and EB2-IND.

    This is the effect of increasing the H1B quota to 115,000 for 2 years and then to 195000 in 1 year without actually increasing the GC quota.

    Good luck to all of us. Those who are in late 2001 and early 2002 EB3-IND filers can hope to get relief in the next year or so but unless some bill passes other EB3-IND filers should possibly work towards Plan B. Also read the report by USCIS ombudsman. It's quite revealing about the working of USCIS. This country might be technologically advanced but it's bureaucracy seems to be much worse than third world countries comparitively.

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  • jaggubhai
    08-12 09:48 PM
    I just checked the copy sent to me from my law office. It says I-485 pending for the current status. I got the EAD renewed without any problem.

    I saw somewhere that you can alos write AOS pending.

    Hope this helps.

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  • loudobbs
    08-28 04:56 PM
    I am planning on using AC21 to switch employers. since it says that the new job should be in the same job classification, how do I know what classification my labor was approved in? I have a copy of the approval notice and under occupation it says consultant and it has the following code after it:
    189167030. anybody knows what this code means or how I can find out my jobe code?

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  • neeidd
    11-12 04:39 PM
    Where do I look for that in my profile?


    Could you please tell me what I am supposed to do ?



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  • wandmaker
    06-03 09:46 AM
    I will be getting married to a H1 holder in India and because of the time involved in obtaining a marriage certificate, am planning to leave shortly after the wedding with my existing B2/tourist visa. What are my options of applying for a H4 once I do that - would I have to come back to India to apply for that, or can it be done from Canada/Mexico - are there any risks pertaining to intent of travel associated with such an action. Thanking you in advance for valuable help in this matter!

    You would be better off stamping your H4 in India, my 2 cents. Especially B1/B2 to any non-immigrant visas most of the time is a mess in my opinion.

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  • hibworker
    01-26 04:18 PM
    If she will not be able to get F1, what will be her status in USA ?

    If she has filed for I-485 then she will be in Adjustment status - allowing her to study, work on EAD and travel overseas on AP. If she hasn't applied for I-485 when her F1 is denied then she will have to come back on H4 - she can study but not work.


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  • mrdelhiite
    07-02 08:55 AM
    I heard USCIS already retrogressed and rejecting Jul filer? is it true. need urgent help :mad: :mad:
    please post your source

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  • EAD2009
    03-13 01:54 PM

    i have two questions

    I completed my Masters and working in related field(Software) from 2 years in OPT,now i got admission for Doctoral Program in UNVA(University of northern Virginia). This is not a good University, but i can complete my Doctoral Program in 3-4 years while i will be working in my related filed of study on CPT.

    1Q.)can i be eligible for EB1 with this Doctoral Degree (or) Do i have to submit any international research papers for being eligible for EB1?

    My F1 Visa was expired long back ,but have valid OPT and I-94(D/S duration of Study) so i can still work.

    But i will be travelling to INDIA in May and will go to consulate for my F1Visa.

    If i'm not satisfied with this Doctoral Program ,i will transfer to MBA with in same university (or)some other good university (i.e i'm trying to change from software to MBA).

    2Q.) Can i Transfer to MBA when i got my visa for Doctoral Program in Software Engg ?

    Please let me know if you need any more information (or) if i have to be more specific about the question.

    Thanks a bunch for IV .


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  • tg999
    07-19 04:11 PM
    Even i have the same problem. I filed my I485 on July 2nd. I have a another labour from different company. I want to use the new labour. My current employer with whom i have my new labour told me to put stop payment on the 485 checks given to USICS so that they will send the 485 application packet back. I am not sure whether we can do
    a stop payment to USICS. Spoke to couple of employers and heard that they usually do that for H1B(stop payment). Please adivse.

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  • jase21
    01-12 04:06 AM
    Ok. Thanks.


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  • FredG
    April 22nd, 2004, 06:21 PM
    I like the DOF. I agree that the shadows are a bit hard. The flash may be a little bright, but the hardness is a result of a small light source.

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  • dolicus
    05-01 04:56 PM
    My file is also transferred to NBC, Why do you think it is??
    You have any information for me since yours was done in December while mine was done in April, 2009. What happened did you get any interview fromthe Local Office. Thx


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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    07-27 04:20 PM
    Hi, I know this question is being asked by many people. I am sorry, but still confused. My situation is:

    EB3 - Labor filed - Aug, 2004 - BackLogged - Philadelphia - 45 day letter - Replied
    EB2 - Labor filed - Nov, 2005, Approved, I-140 filed - Mar 2006 - Approved.

    Can I continue using EB3, once Labor Approved anbd I-140 Approved, can I use that PD to my EB2? The job description is definately different on EB3 and EB2. Still can I use the EB3 PD on to EB2?

    Gurus, Please advise.


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  • bobzibub
    11-06 02:23 PM

    Can someone tell me about the final interview for the EB based GC process.

    1) Does everyone get called for an interview or is it done on selected cases based on individual factors?

    2) When is it generally done? Prior to approval of your 485 or prior to the issue of your visa(GC).

    3) Why is it done and what kind of questions can one expect during the interview?



    A couple acquaintances have gone through the process. Some Australians were given a lot of grief when the person accused them of coming from Antigua or some little Island. It was obviously a typo on their part--they have obvious Aussie accents. He accused them and accused them. They didn't give and the officer gave up. Officer 0, immigrants 1.

    Another woman was asked if she's planning on staging a terrorist attack. (She's French.) She said something like "If I was, would I tell you?" and then had to wait an extra year as the officer said they were done. Officer 1, immigrants 0

    Remember spouses birth dates, etc.

    So even if they ask idiot questions, and they probably will, don't make any jokes or anything. Be firm, formal, and polite. Behave as you wish they would.


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  • wandmaker
    11-16 05:26 AM
    You should apply for a renewal EAD six months before your original EAD expires. Check out this link below. D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Hope this helps!

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  • priderock
    05-08 04:40 PM

    I will get my H1B this October. How long should I stick with the same company before transferring? I read somewhere that I should stick with them for atleast 3 months after Oct 1st. Is this true?

    I don't think there is any hard and fast rule. But you need at least a couple of pay stubs to show that you worked for this company. I am not a lawyer , seek professional help when in doubt.


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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-12 01:37 PM
    They might accept the application but send in an RFE with a request to pay the difference ;)

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  • small2006
    06-03 03:28 PM

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  • qasleuth
    04-13 11:26 PM
    If calling the national customer service center is of no help then I am not sure what else you can do, other than being there on Friday.

    When I googled for the location, I found two different webpages. Surprisingly, 'Application Support Center (ASC)' seems to be open on Fridays (first link) but the 'local office' is closed. ASC is in room 154 in the same building it seems. Go figure !

    12-27 03:28 PM
    You have the receipt number that itself suggest that USCIS has accepted your application. It doesn't entail anything about the decision though.

    These days its taking too much time. If you filed premium then you can expect something 2weeks but if it's regular then you are mercy and depending on the case.

    I got approval for my wife through premium last week but USCIS website doesn't have any record for her receipt number.

    11-15 12:07 AM
    My PD is current for 12 months (from Oct 2007) .

    Today i got reply for my June 2008 service request, saying my back ground check is not cleared :mad:

    I know from Infopass that my NC is cleared long back.:)

    If your PD is not current cant do any thing but PD is current, contact your local congressman.

    Hi All,

    I opened a service request with USCIS when my I485 was current in 09/08 and i got response saying that still investigation into my background remains open, so the case is not yet ready for decision. I filed my I 485 in August 2005 and in july 2007(then my file was current) also i was told that the background check is still going on.

    Now we know that if it has been more than 180 days after we file I485, no need to wait for background check to process the petetion. My intention is to get my file out of this loop by the time PD becomes current. If any one had this issue and got it resolved, please advise me how i can handle it.


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